5 Benefits of Honest Marketing for Your Business

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Honest brand marketing can really go a long way in building a loyal customer base and a resilient brand. No one likes being deceived, so why would you produce shady marketing? You wouldn’t (or at least, shouldn’t). Here are 5 benefits of honest marketing and what they mean for your business.

1. Attract Ideal Customers

Your customers come to you as a solution to their problem(s). You have a product or service that fixes whatever issues they have. Give them the information to determine that you’re the provider to choose with honest, transparent content. If your customer knows better, they’ll be more likely to close a deal than someone who isn’t 100% sure that product/service is right for them.

2. Humanize Your Brand

The reason why so many people turn to social media to understand your brand is that these channels can ground your brand. Give your brand a personality beyond, “We want you to purchase from us because we need to make sales”. Instead, use honest marketing to show customers what makes your brand worthy to invest in. Otherwise, these customers will go somewhere else, most likely a company that’s transparent and approachable.

[Link to Humanizing Your Brand Blog when it’s live]

3. Honesty Builds Self-Confidence

If you’re confident in your company, show it. That confidence will spread to your customers because confidence is infectious. It opens the door to creativity, innovation, and a better customer experience altogether.

4. Capitalize on Missed Opportunities by Other Companies

If another company dances around their product or service with vague descriptions, a customer will likely turn somewhere else. Who will they turn to, you ask? They’ll find a company that’s straight to the point. That company can be yours. Present yourself honestly and you’ll attract new sales that other companies missed out on.

5. Honesty Fosters Trust

Build trust within your company and with your customers by being honest. This will set proper expectations within your brand and your audience. This shows that your brand is relatable, personable, and authentic. What could be better than a loyal customer and employee base?

A Thought Experiment

Think of it like this: you’re at the grocery store and you’re looking for a new spice. Are you more likely to pick up a bottle that says “spices blend” only or the bottle listing every spice with quips and humour? You’ll probably pick the latter. Now think about why. It’s likely because you trust that brand with its transparency and approachability. And into the basket, it goes.

This should be the same for digital marketing, too. Appeal to the human, not to the sale. It takes a little longer, a little more energy, and a little more creativity. But, it’ll pay off in the long run with a loyal and returning customer base! Because you’ll foster new customers rather than looking for new leads to replace failed client relationships.

Remember it’s more expensive to sign on a new client than to keep a pre-existing one. Now get out there, use these 5 benefits of honest marketing and show them what you’re made of!

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