AI in Web Design: Revolutionizing Website Creation

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If you spend any time on the internet, you’ve likely noticed ads for things you’ve recently looked up. Did you know this process is run by artificial intelligence (AI)? AI uses cookies (user data like an IP address) to track your usage to tailor your web experience to you. But don’t panic; AI is incredibly helpful! For instance, AI is now changing the way web design and development are handled. Plus, AI can help save your business money while keeping you ahead of the curve. Continue reading to learn more about AI in web design.

AI Defined

Firstly, Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that develops intelligent machines that work and react like humans. Decision-making, learning, planning, voice recognition, and problem-solving are just some characteristics. (WHAT?! I know.) 

Also, AI uses machine learning to learn continuously (just like humans). Meaning, it can take in new information, align it with what it already knows to calculate outcomes and provide answers. 

Why is AI Important?

That’s a great question! Machine learning and AI are important for collecting data that’ll be stored and processed. So, AI can use this data to look for patterns and trends faster than nearly any person. For businesses, AI can be the hub of your work sphere to help boost your productivity, increase profits, improve your customer experience while keeping costs down. 

How Does AI Impact Web Design?

Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) is basically an automated graphic designer. Meaning, ADI automates web design, resulting in less time spent designing and developing a website. Plus, ADI uses machine learning to identify web design trends and use them in website updates. In other words, ADI’s ultimate goal is to have websites build themselves.

Now, this doesn’t mean the career of ‘web designer’ will no longer exist. It just means building a website will become less time-consuming. In other words, web designers will still be needed to push the creative boundaries by thinking imaginatively (and a machine is only as good as the human who uses it, right?). Plus, even a machine can benefit from peer-review.

How is AI Being Used in Web Design?

Did you know that there are many different AI solutions to help boost user experience on websites? A few examples include chatbots, voice searches, and pattern recognition. And other benefits include:

  • Faster online searches
  • More effective targeted digital marketing
  • More relevant customer interactions and experiences
  • Improved customer experience through chatbots
  • Improved user interactions with the website
  • Websites adapt faster to digital trends

What’s the Future of AI in Web Design?

So, you’ll see more personalized interactions along with a website that’s easier to use. More accurately, AI takes in your location, behaviour and context to adjust the website for your ideal experience. In plain English, AI can tailor your website to your visitors by choosing what they see and when they see it. Cool, right?

But don’t worry! Siva Creative is a human-only agency (+ one dog named Rebel). 

Do you need help tailoring your website to your target audience? Give us a call or send us an email. We’ll be happy to show you how we can help!

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