ASL Water Solutions

For Home, For Health, For Healing, For Life.

Project Description

ASL Water Solutions provides the very best in water filtration systems for personal use and has meticulously put-together a list of the best products on the market, as well as offering other products designed to improve overall quality of life for many different people. ASL Water Solutions stands behind their claim to improve the health of every individual. We worked with them to create an intuitive e-commerce website designed to entice customers to purchase products through their website, while also providing an enjoyable user browsing experience.

Project Details

Client ASL Water Solutions
Skills Web Design, Branding, E-Commerce

Full Responsiveness

ASL Water Solutions is developed using fully responsive web design approach and practices, ensuring the entire website resizes dynamically depending on the screen size and orientation of the device it’s being viewed on.

All our websites at Siva Creative are developed using these techniques to ensure equal access to information regardless of the device.

E-Commerce Section

After determining that ASL would need both online e-commerce functionality and email-invoice functionality, we built out the e-commerce section to give the user an enjoyable experience and of course make it very easy to purchase products right through the ASL Water Solutions website. Adding new products, removing old products, and editing products is extremely easy, ensuring that ASL displays only the most up-to-date products on their website.

Woocommerce Section

Online Order Form

As a re-seller of many different products, ASL Water Solutions required a quick, easy and intuitive way for customers to place orders through their website so they no longer had to rely on directing customers to external websites and hoping that they received credit. We integrated a fully functioning order form for customers to use to place orders, putting the control back into the hands of ASL.

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