You Don’t Need Referrals… You Need Brand Evangelism!

Brand Evangelism

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No matter how much money, time, and resources you commit to a marketing or advertising campaign, you will never earn the same amount of trust as you would through a word-of-mouth referral. That’s just a fact. You need Brand Evangelism!

Now, that isn’t to say that building a relationship with your consumer isn’t possible. In fact, it’s incredibly important. However, when someone recommends your brand to someone they know, it means you’ve really earned their trust. The goal when someone mentions they need a product or service you provide isn’t “Oh, I used this company once, and it was a good experience.” the goal is for them to say “You have to use this company. They were incredible, and they are the only clear choice.”

So, how do you do that?

Be Authentic

If there’s one thing people seem to have an inherent sense of, it’s when they’re being sold to, or someone is being inauthentic. Combine both of those things together and that is an instant recipe for alienation.

There are two ways that brands try to connect with consumers:

  1. They find an audience and try to connect with them.
  2. Or; they try to find an audience that will connect with them.

Sounds similar, but there’s a big difference. Don’t try to pander or spout values that your company truly doesn’t value in order to make a sale. It might work once, but it won’t work again. Start with your brand and work outward. Find things that are important to you, your team, and what your brand stands for, and then hunt for the audience whose values align with yours. It takes more work, but it results in long-term customers who will evangelise your brand, not one-time sales.

Be Bold

Day to day, hour to hour, even second to second, people are blasted with an incredible amount of advertising and marketing. The average person sees around 10,000 ads every single day, so if you want to stand out, the last thing you want to be is bland.

Safe is, well, safe. But that won’t get you very far. If you want people to remember you, you’re going to have to take chances. Some of them will work, some won’t, and that’s okay! Having a success rate of 20% is better than your brand falling into obscurity while your bank account runs dry.

Be True

Being bold does not mean rubbing people the wrong way or doing a 180 on the things that made you successful in the first place. For evidence of this you need look no further than the recent marketing debacle that Bud Light found itself in.

Before we take one step further, we need to make it clear that this is not a comment on the marketing itself. We’re not here to make a judgment either way on the moralities that lie beyond this particular piece of influencer marketing. However, it is painfully clear that this particular choice did not fit with what the brand had been doing for so many years before.

Trying to capture a new audience that is so far from your original base, can easily push the loyal ones away. That’s exactly what happened.

Be Consistent

This one ties into our last point as well.

A single ad or piece of content isn’t going to win over a consumer. Okay, maybe if it’s the greatest ad ever written, but putting your chips on that square is not a consistent enough bet. Most consumers will need seven touchpoints before they will do business with you or keep you top of mind.

This means making sure your messaging is consistent across mediums and that people see it often enough to remember you.

How do you build brand loyalty? How can you push your consumers to not just recommend your brand, but evangelise it? Is it beneficial to cultivate a personal brand separate from your business? Join host Arif Khan and Howie Brox as they discuss the answer to these and many other burning brand questions in the latest episode of the Thinc. Underground Podcast! 

Howie Brox is a brand expert, negotiator, lobbyist, and President and CoFounder of CBIO, and CEO and Founder of Howitsir (HMC) Inc.

“If you want to build loyalty and longevity in relationships at all levels, you have to have authenticity. It’s okay to be soft when you need to be. It’s okay to be rough and tough when you need to be.”

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