Branding: The Linchpin Of Your Business


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Just as you wouldn’t start building a house by picking out the furniture, you can’t expect your business to be successful without building a proper foundation. That foundation is branding.

If you’ve already established your business and want to test the strength of your brand, there’s one easy way to do it:

Ask Your Employees

Send an email, create a survey, or just walk up and ask them: “What is -insert your business name here-? What do we stand for? What is our brand?” The thing is, when companies ask 20 people this question, they shouldn’t be getting 20 different answers.

Creating a consistent brand image will help guide the decisions you and your team make across every aspect of your business.

Internal Benefits

When most people think “branding,” they think of what the consumer sees or thinks when they interact with your business. However, branding can also bring benefits to those working within the business.

It Guides Decisions

We already mentioned this, but seeing as it’s so important, we’re going to stress it.

At some point, your business is going to grow to a point where you won’t be able to oversee every single aspect of it. From decisions to direction, choices are going to have to be made without your direct input.

When this happens, having a consistent brand identity will help those making the decision about whether or not it lines up with the company’s values and goals.

It Helps You Find The Right People

When you or your HR department is hiring a new employee, what are you looking for? If it’s just simply anyone who fills the role you’re hiring for, get ready for a high turnover rate.

Yes, the person should have the skills necessary to do the job, but they should also reflect the same values your company does. You aren’t going to find the perfect person who ticks every box and exudes every single positive trait a human being can have. However, you will find someone who finds the same four values important that your company does.

It Inspires

When you do find the right people, they’ll probably want more out of their job than just punching a clock.

Give those who work for you a reason to care. Give them a reason to go above and beyond. When people work for a company that values the same things they do, only good things will come from that.

External Benefits

First and foremost, the internal benefits listed above will naturally lead to your consumer having a better experience. Products or services that are being provided by people who care will always trump those peddled out by people who are just waiting for the clock to hit five.

It has direct external benefits too. It helps build trust and credibility, financial value for the company and product itself, and helps generate more business.

Branding is the not-so-secret weapon that too many businesses ignore. It’s more than just a logo and a catchphrase. It’s building your business around core values that ensure a steady foundation for future growth and prosperity.

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