Unstoppable: Business Doesn’t Have A Future

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Did we get your attention? Good, because that statement matters. Business doesn’t have a future anymore, it is the future.

Exponential Growth

If you traveled back in time 100 years, you might be able to run your business a certain way for the next 50. Then you would have to make a change for the next 25, then the next 20, 10, 5… do you see where this is going?

Technology moves fast and feeds on itself to grow faster. Now, the rate of change is so rapid that businesses that stay stagnant and expect to run themselves the same way they did last year, are dead in the water.

If that sounds like doom and gloom, shift your mindset. The truth is that this incredible rate of progress makes doing business more exciting. A little scarier and a lot more work, but full of endless possibilities and opportunities.


We know the mere mention of automation has some people recoiling away. We’ve got some great news for you: automation is not the enemy. It’s not here to take your job, it’s here to make it easier.

With the rise of things like ChatGPT, you would be forgiven for thinking that the limits a.i and automation are nearly boundless. However, there are many things that humans still do (and will likely always do) better than a machine. Things like empathy, communication, nuance, creativity, and inference are all distinctly human skills. All of these skills can be combined for effective decision-making that machines can’t match.

Automation helps to free up valuable time. Instead of spending 10 hours a week doing the monotonous tasks that must be done, you can now spend that time much more effectively.

Digital First

Remote work is the new normal. It’s just that simple. Whether it’s a fully-remote workforce or a hybrid model, having a team come into an office space 5 days a week is a hard sell.

The freedom that comes with remote work is not just something that benefits the employee either, it has been a boon for businesses. Putting aside the fact that most experts agree people get just as much (if not more) work done at home than in the office, the benefits reach far beyond that. Client emergency? No need to rush into the office or have to wait until Monday to fix it. Feeling under the weather, but not bedridden? You might feel well enough to work from your laptop for the day at home. Is a vicious snowstorm on the way? Stay home, stay safe, and stay productive!

The biggest thing to remember in this new remote world is to think digital first. “When you’re thinking about a meeting, brainstorming session, new standard operating procedure. For the people who are in office, it’s easy to adjust. But for the people who are working from home, it’s not so easy if the environment has been created for a live setting.” said Teena Sauva, Founder and Senior Advisor of Botree, a training and business optimization service.

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Out With The Old?

 So, throw out the playbook? Clear the board? Start from scratch? Not quite.

“The people taking over organizations are usually in one of two camps. They’re either still believing that the old way is going to continue to be the best way, or they’re in the other camp. We need to be the Googles of the world and have beer taps in our workplaces and that’s going to make the difference. The reality is that it’s neither one nor the other, it’s a combination of both,” added Teena. 

For more on the constantly changing business landscape, the drive for new technologies, and the battle for the best business culture, you’re going to want to listen to the latest episode of the Thinc. Underground podcast:

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