Coding for a Cause

What is it?

Coding for a Cause (CFAC) is a volunteer work we do here at Siva Creative. We realized that many non-profit and charities organizations either have a website but can’t afford to update it or don’t own a website at all. And making cool websites is what we do best! So we have decided that we will be giving a free website to those in need. That’s our way to give back to our amazing community.

We know how important it is to have a nice and updated website. First, it makes your company visible in the online world, sometimes people may know your organization exists but they have enough informations about it, and with your website people can know you better.

Second, it gives the company credibility. The website will show people that you are trustworthy, and we always advise our clients to put testimonials on it so back up those informations we say on the web. It is a fact that most people search the internet before making a decision regarding the company or organization.

Third, websites are available 24 hours. You will not need to talk face-to-face to advertise your organization, those days are over! The good thing about this is that current and potential customers can access at any time all the resources available within a click.

The internet is amazing because it does not differentiate big and small companies. The size does not matter, at all. By having a updated and mobile friendly website you have as much of a chance as a multinational company to rank in Google.

So, don’t forget to apply today for a chance to get our free service.

How does it work?

The non-profit and charity organizations can apply to our website to get a chance to have their website developed and updated. We will also research and spend some time brainstorming companies that need our help.

After the period of applications are over we will analyze all the applications and choose the one we feel like need our assistance the most. One thing we will take into consideration is how involved the non-profit or charity organization is in the community and how their website looks like.

After choosing 1 (one) company we will let them know they are the chosen one and we will start working on their website. It is that simple!

Do you already own a website?

The first step is having a website, so you are already ahead of the game. But the thing is that the Internet world changes every minute and if you want your organization to have visibility you will need to keep up with the changes. And we are here to to this for you!

Mailing, phone calls and events are not the way it works anymore. Also, the fact that everyone uses tablet and smartphones makes this the best way to advertise your content. Through our Coding for a Cause event, we will give you for free the best website you ever had with all the latest features available. Apply today here *put the link*

When it starts?

Write on your calendar! Here are the dates you can’t forget:

March 4: Applications start

May 6: Application closes

May 13: Voting begin

May 20: Voting ends

May 23: Winner is announced

What are the prizes exactly?

The winner will get a custom website valued at $5,000. It includes SEO integration and a 1 year website hosting.

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