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To solidify our commitment to community outreach and philanthropic initiatives across Canada, we’re giving back. We recognize the critical role that non-profits play in communities across the country, and we have a collective interest in seeing those organizations thrive.

2019 Winner

Beaver Valley Outreach

Beaver Valley Outreach (BVO) is a well-known and respected charitable organization in The Blue Mountains, touching the lives of many people in the community. Counting volunteers, program participants and partners, it is estimated that 2 out of every 3 Town residents have some connection to BVO.

2018 Winner

Seniors Services Society

Seniors Services Society is a non-profit agency located in New Westminster, which provides local and provincial programs and services to support vulnerable older adults to live as independently as possible. Seniors Services Society is an amalgamation of the Seniors Housing Information Program Society and the Western Society for Seniors Citizens Services. 

2017 Winner

Youth In Care

Youth In  Care Canada (YICC) is a national, charitable organization driven by youth and alumni from child welfare authorities across Canada. YICC exists to voice the opinions and concerns of youth in and from care.  Since 1985 they have engaged young people in and from care, and those who work with them, in research, policy development, and the training of caregivers and child welfare professionals.

How Does It Work!



Voting & Winner Selection



Applicants Must Be:

  • A charity or non-profit organization
  • In need of a website (or updated website)
  • Located in Canada


The Rules Are:

Like our Facebook Page and submit application for a new website using our submission form


Voting and Winner Selection:

Based on the applications submitted, 7 organizations will be chosen to be featured on our website where voting will take place for 2 weeks. The polls will be open to the public and anyone may vote.  The organization with the most votes will win!


Contest Winners Will Receive:

A complete website design or redesign tailored to your organization,  logo creation or logo makeover, web marketing – social media promotion for 1 week!

Does Your Not-For-Profit Organization Need A Website?

2020 Coding For A Cause is Coming Soon ! Websites help non-profits promote their services, increase volunteer initiatives and donations, and educate the public.

COVID-19 Press Release

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked significant havoc on lives globally, and its impact has similarly devastated the business sector; challenging the livelihoods of those who depend on these businesses to feed their families. As one of the fortunate few, the staff at Siva recognized an opportunity to step up and adjust our model to assist the business community in examining individual business models and opportunities for future viability and, together, our clients have been able to thrive.

With today’s provincial “Emergency Brake” announcement, Ontarians and Ontario-wide small and medium sized businesses will be forced into yet another 4-week provincial shutdown. Siva recognizes the disparity and uncertainty facing both small businesses and the Not-ForProfit sector – and we want to renew our commitment to supporting the communities we serve.

With that in mind, we’ve got something planned. We can’t tell you just yet, but we will be releasing details of an initiative that we believe will at least play a part in easing the burden. Stay tuned! And stay strong!

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