How to run your business successfully during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

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How to have a successful business during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

As the number of confirmed Covid-19 cases continues to rise in Ontario, the Government of Canada has a simple message; work from home when possible and to practice social distancing. Ever since Ontario Premier Doug Ford declared a state of emergency, many businesses have been required to close. This includes event venues, theatres, bars and restaurants. The only exception to this is if a restaurant offers take-out service.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has already made a major impact on businesses, markets and the economy. Social distancing and self-isolation, though both important precautions are hindering how the economic landscape functions.

Here at Siva Creative our clients, employees, and community are the top priorities. During this time of Covid-19 quarantine, we are currently operating without disruption. We are continuing with normal office hours, but have closed our Downtown Barrie office while our staff work remotely. We have temporarily postponed our meetings and appointments to ensure the safety of all. We eagerly look forward to reopening our office when it is safe to do so.

Among the changes caused by Covid-19 are the markets, industries and behaviour of the public. For instance, businesses are running out of household sanitizing supplies and restaurants can only service take-out orders. Some work cultures are adjusting temporarily as staff work from home, while the travel industry suffers from widespread travel bans. The average person is working from home, self-isolating, and only shopping for necessities. Industries outside of grocery, gas, and pharmacy are beginning to feel the impact.

What can you do to operate your business successfully during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Make working remotely with teams easier. 

Working remotely is possible through the many free or affordable communication and project management tools for businesses. These tools will provide your staff with clear communication and connection with one another. A few of these tools are, Slack, HubStaff and Google Hangouts. Working remotely during this Covid-19 quarantine is important for the health of everyone, as we maintain social distancing measures. 

There is great benefit in a remote work policy for your company that indicates;

  • what is expected during work hours
  • how you communicate 
  • what the work hours are

Your team will appreciate the expectations you set during this evolving time.

Have business meetings online. 

During this time of the Covid-19 Pandemic, it is important to postpone all meetings to a later date. Alternatively, you can host your meetings by video chat, ensuring the safety of your staff, clients and community. Rescheduling planned business travel is highly recommended, as clients and other businesses will likely be doing the same.

Use social media to maintain communication with your customers. 

An increase in digital media consumption is expected as many spend more time at home during this time of self-isolation. This means you can utilize social media, like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as a communication tool during this quarantine. Creating posts that keep your customers informed and keep the presence of your business in the community will be beneficial. Even though most storefronts, offices and food services may be closed, the voice of your business will be heard. Let your clients and customers know that you are also available by phone or email during this time if necessary. Transparency about how your business will operate during this time will be appreciated by clients and followers.

Consider changing your storefront to an e-commerce business. 

During this time it is best to have your products and services available to purchase on your website as an e-commerce model. This will make it easy for someone to find you online, purchase a service or buy a shippable item now. Be creative – do you have an online course you could sell? An e-publication for purchase? Could your clients book online for a future appointment? 

Similar to social media, E-commerce is expected to grow as people are avoiding public areas and travelling. These precautions will trickle down and affect a consumer’s shopping behaviour. 

For example, an older consumer could try online shopping for the first time in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic. This group is more susceptible to the virus and mostly to avoid shopping centers. Products available online promise a way to avoid crowds, infection risk, and product shortages. These new shopping habits could stick long after the pandemic is over.

Whether you are selling goods or services, an e-commerce website could enhance your business and make your entrepreneurial life easier. This would continue even after the Covid-19 Pandemic as you maintain both online and in-person income streams.

Switch your message and focus on the long-term if you are unable to sell now. 

By keeping your customers informed with social media, you can let them know what will be happening in your future. For example, you can comment on;

  • when you intend to re-open
  • which services will be available when the pandemic is over and
  • what they can do in the meantime

Allow your customers to schedule future appointments or purchase gift-cards when the pandemic is through. This ensures you can return to work with a seamless transition.

Do you need help creating an online presence for your business during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

If you still feel overwhelmed or confused by how to have an online presence during the Covid-19 Pandemic, don’t worry! Ease your headache and send us an email at We would love to help you reach your social media, marketing or website goals. We are happy to work with you digitally so you can focus on staying healthy and flattening the curve!

Resources for Small Businesses during the Covid-19 Pandemic 

Every business owner should visit the Government of Canada’s Resources for Canadian businesses: COVID-19 website. Here you can find information on resources and programs to help support Canadian businesses during the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

To learn more about how to be safe and stay healthy during the Covid-19 Pandemic visit the Government of Canada’s Covid-19 website.  

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