How to Create Authentic Brand Personality on Social Media

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It’s common for businesses to forget about the details of digital marketing and having an online presence. This is fair considering they’re probably focusing on the products or services they offer. No one wants a beautiful brand that offers sh*tty services. But it’s always important to have a balance. Having a successful brand personality means having a successful brand.

What’s so Important About Brand Personality?

Having a strong brand personality is ideal for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it contributes to making your brand memorable and helps you stand out from competitors. Depending on the market you’re a part of, there could be a wide variety of similar companies offering the same thing you are. So to attract customers to your brand specifically, you have to have a strong personality. These days, customers are drawn to companies that have a current and powerful digital presence. Secondly, it’s especially important for customers to see a brand that feels like a real person and not a heartless corporation. Social media can help with warming up your company.

But how do you build a successful brand personality on social media? Well, my little boomer, strap yourself in while I guide you through some tips for humanizing your brand on social media.

Be Authentic

Have you ever seen a terrible post on social media where a brand tried to sell its product using an outdated social media challenge? I have, and it’s not pretty. Consumers can tell when a brand is trying hard to be relatable. They see right through them. Don’t do something just because it’s something everyone is doing. I’ll admit, sometimes brands joining a challenge can be funny, but only if done right. So make sure you really know what will make your brand authentic yet still trendy.

What’s Behind the Curtain?

A tip to really humanize your brand on social media is by showing what goes on behind the scenes. Who works for the company? What do they do? What’s the office environment like? The best way to truly show your audience that your brand is human and authentic is by showing actual humans. It really brings your company down to Earth and appears more friendly and inviting. Maybe have a few posts dedicated to introducing the employees, show some staff events, have the employees make some fun TikToks.

Engage with the Audience

A great way to have an authentic brand personality is by engaging with your audience through social media platforms. This creates an interactive connection between you and your audience and makes them feel like they’re important. It also helps you understand a little more about who your audience is.
Here are some ways to interact with your audience:

  • Instagram story polls and questions
  • Answering comments and DMs
  • Going live on Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok

Does Your Brand Personality Have an Edge?

brand personality in marketing

Every brand needs its edge. A quality that when someone enters their profile on social media they say, “Well, damn.” Maybe it’s the bold copy or the striking imagery. Whatever that quality is, it needs to be authentic to the brand. Yes, we are tying everything back to being authentic. I cannot stress this enough. A solid brand personality is not something that everyone else is doing. For example, No Frills. There are several grocery stores out there. But what makes them stand out is their need to provide no fluff, just quality food. Their marketing reflects that. The bold yellow and black along with a simple, minimal design. This is something most grocery stores don’t do. Whatever your quality is, make sure each thing you post on social media connects to that.

Lastly, Have Fun!

Don’t get too worried about what you’re doing on these platforms. Social media is not meant to be stressful and serious. It’s a place where people can enjoy themselves. It also just happens to be a place for brands to promote themselves. So keep things light and fun.

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