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Your website must represent your brand and your vision. Here at Siva, we understand that not all websites are alike and we try to cater to our client’s design style. Our designers are passionate about researching the latest trends ensuring that your website will look nothing short than fantastic.

Ads and Landing Pages

Landing pages are pages that people land on when they first click on an advertisement or come to your website. We understand what it takes to create engaging advertisements and effective landing pages. Our team will listen to your goals and design advertisements that not only grab people’s attention but also represent your branding.


Do you need a new logo? Are you just questioning if your current one is competitive enough and up to date? Are you just starting a business and don’t know where to begin? We have a team of creative designers that can answer all of your needs. Our creative team is here to listen, advise and create a unique and memorable logo solution for your business.

Social Media

We are the masters of social media management, we know exactly what you need to have attractive and engaging social media accounts. Whether you need to have social media posts designed or a fully branded and developed social media platforms. Our amazing team of designers can create all off them and more. Tell our team what you would like and they will design the content that will bring you all the clicks you need (whether they are likes, shares, follows, tweets, retweets, views, or all of them).

Business Cards

There is more than just your contact information and a logo on a business card. It’s a part of your brand and your business identity. Our creative Design team will make sure your business card reflects your vision and most importantly stays consistently with your brand. They know that your business card is the first thing a potential client will see.

Promotional Materials

Whether you have an upcoming event or an exclusive sale – you need to promote it! You probably worry that your brochures, booklets, invitations, flyers will end up forgotten the second someone hands it out. Our creative Design team will make sure that doesn’t happen. How? They will create unique, modern, custom made material with memorable designs that won’t go unnoticed.

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