Does User Experience For Websites Affect SEO?

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You might think SEO is mostly affected by keywords. But that’s not all it takes. User experience for websites has a big impact on your ranking. Your user experience design is what makes your site appear credible and user-friendly. Without an efficient design, you’re going to have a hard time bringing traffic to your website.

What is User Experience?

user experience for websites

User experience refers to having a site that centers around how a user interacts with your content. Your priority lies in how easily your site is to navigate around for your users. Search engines like Google are looking for how long a user stays on your site. What happens if your site has poor user experience and the user clicks off after a second of looking at your site? Well,  it will be ranked lower compared to the site the user decided to stay on instead of your own.

There are a few different things to consider when you go to improve your site’s user experience. So let’s get into it!

Your Page Loading Speed

page loading

Nobody likes to wait for a page to load every time they click something. Although it may only take a few seconds, it drives people crazy, especially these days when people expect immediate results. If your site takes too long to load, there’s a higher chance they’ll click off and go to a competitor. It’s best if the pages load within approximately one second. The type of content you have on your website can influence your loading speed. This can include the sizes of the images and videos you’re using and keeping up with software updates.

Have a Sleek and Simple Layout

Another way to improve the user experience for websites is by having a sleek layout. A site with lots of information and a confusing structure can be overwhelming. You won’t know where to find specific services and you might get lost in the pages. It’s great to have your site as simple as possible. Have minimal copy (unless lots of copy is absolutely necessary) and have a streamlined layout. The simpler the better. If people are looking to your website for information about something, odds are, they’re already confused. Don’t make it even more complicated for them.

Mobile Functionality

mobile site

Many people don’t consider how functional a site is on a mobile app. But actually, 57% of users access a website through their mobile device. So it’s crucial to have your site function efficiently for mobile users.

Don’t be too quick to overlook your site’s design. It can have a big effect on your SEO ranking and your lead generation. Need help designing the perfect user experience for websites? Reach out to us at Siva and we’ll get started on a site made to convert!

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