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We all understand the struggles of a competitive work environment, but no one feels the pressure more than Real Estate agents. Working as a little fish in a big pond can be difficult, but what can set you apart from the hundreds of Real Estate moguls strolling around your local neighbourhoods? The answer is simple – marketing. There is a plethora of ways to market yourself and your business; and we’re here to break it down, stretch it out and brief you on the do’s of small business marketing strategy that is sure to make you stick out like a sore thumb!

Get Your Social Media in Check

Social Media written out with Scrabble tiles; with a phone beside it with Facebook open on it

1. Facebook

84% of Real Estate professionals are using social media and among the social media platform contenders, Facebook holds strong. Facebook has been a staple social media platform since its launch in 2004. Small business owners have utilized its marketing and advertising medium for years. Facebook’s tools have expanded since its humble, Harvard beginning and now Facebook gives us the options we need to succeed in a competitive market. Facebook provides small business owners with the opportunity to target their specific audience through customized Facebook Ads. Narrow in on your target audience and send out the information they need to find you and your services.  As a Real Estate agent, customer service is #1 and interacting with your clients on a daily basis is even more important. With Facebook, it’s easy for Real Estate agents to connect with their clients and stay in touch with a click of a button! Spreading the word of your small business through Facebook’s Share Button has been a major contributor to online marketing and extending a hand out to potential clients.

2. Instagram

With swipe friendly fingers cruising the explore pages of Instagram, it’s important to post content that matters to your consumer. Post engaging photos so that your consumer stops and takes in more about your listings and what you have to offer. Instagram invites business owners to promote their products and services and offers window shopping for your potential future clients. Post photos of new listings, testimonials, coming soon, and even hashtag your local neighbourhood in case you have some newbies moving to town! With this technique, who needs the old, cold calling and door knocking of finding new leads; Instagram has you covered. 

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3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s platform is known to have savvy business men and women, small local business owners or even fresh graduates looking to interact and connect to establish trusted relationships with other business big shots. How can you up your LinkedIn game?

  • Filling out your ENTIRE LinkedIn profile – Yes, it may take a while to fully complete it, but having every bit of information you can squeeze out so your budding clients can see, is best.
  • Adding keywords to your bio – 120 characters of prime real estate to use keywords to optimize searches by clients or employers.
  • Staying active is important as ever. Posting often, engaging with potential clients, and endorsing other businesses maximizes your development.

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Try Video / Photo

Someone holding Phone with "Live on Instagram" opened

4. Testimonials 

Have you sold a house to a trusted and happy client? Asking them to be a part of your journey through a video testimonial for your website can boost customer relations and sales. As the internet bloomed, so did our need for reviews and ratings. This marketing strategy provides  possible new clients with the boost of confidence in you and the product you are selling. You’re using a real person and situation to prove that you are best at what you do!

5. Drones

Consumers of our generation are typically more visual, as we are always surrounded by stimulating marketing campaigns in the form of photo and video. With an increase in technological advances, it’s important to stay up to date with the changes. This innovative technology was created for military uses, but are no longer used for just that. Drones are often flying around neighbourhoods, monuments or natural wonders capturing new and exciting angles, so why not learn to use this to your advantage. Learn how to use reveal techniques and capture the aerial view of the neighbourhood you’re selling in and of where the house is in comparison to other local businesses; be sure to post this to your social media platforms.

Aerial view of nice neighbourhood shot from a drone

6. Virtual Tour / Open House

It’s sometimes difficult to find the time to schedule open houses, but there is an alternative that may reach a wider audience. By using a videographer, you can tour through the entire house with the click of a play button! It’s not only easier for clients, but easier for you as a Real Estate agent as well. With 3-D tours you have the ability to market to out of town clients, as well as local clients.

7. Live Streaming

Facebook, Instagram and even Snapchat all have options of live streaming and Real Estate agents should use this to their advantage when developing an online marketing strategy. Live streaming is a great way to make your content personalized and trusted. Consumers like to buy from businesses that are humanized. The more you can show your personality the better! Have fun with it and remember to call out and thank those who are watching your live stream.

8. Hire a Photographer

A picture is worth a thousand words. Create good quality content that clients are going to engage and be captured by. Hiring a photographer or videographer is the right move for your Real Estate success. You’ll be able to show off and endorse your photographer on social media, while gaining new leads and potential clients.

Old School Tactics: Print Marketing

Blurred image of a printing press in progress

9. Business Cards

You must be thinking this is the outdated Grandmother version of marketing for a small business. That’s definitely not the truth! DO USE print marketing and advertising because there are still those who don’t check with social media platforms on a daily basis that may miss your marketing campaigns. While at social events, networking or even the grocery store, it’s handy to have a business card with your professional information on it for potential clients. While having lunch at a local restaurant or stopping in at a boutique drop off your card and have them endorse your services as an added marketing tool.

10. Billboards

Billboards may be an old way of advertising, but they are an effective way. Those driving to and from the city on their daily commute may see your billboard every day; and when they are ready to move they may subconsciously choose your services when your website pops up on Google. Outbound marketing is definitely not dead. You can use it to reach a wider audience when their awareness is low and when they’re searching for a solution – you’re billboard is there to guide them to your services.

New York City Billboards

11. Magazine

Print marketing and advertising has its benefits. One major factor is demographics. You may not be reaching an older crowd when dealing solely with social media campaigns. Baby Boomers have proven to have more trust in print marketing like magazines or newspapers. By using both types of marketing, you’re sure to reach a wider audience and prospective clients.

Make Your Website Work For You

Someone holding a phone with a blog post open about if you're website is accessible

12. Mobile Friendly 

Make sure your website is mobile friendly. This is important because most avid online activity is happening on our mobile devices rather than computers. You don’t want a future client to be turned away by your website simply because the browser doesn’t fit in their iPhone screen.

13. Proper Accessibility

Is your website accessible? 1 in 7 Ontarian’s have a disability; and creating content that is readily available to everyone is important to having a successful small business. Not only can you show that you care about everyone’s access to your information, but it also helps you rank higher on Google. Equality matters, so make sure your potential clients can access your information. 

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14. Blog

I know what you’re thinking, “Blogging is so 2000”. Yes, weblogging was coined around the same time the Backstreet Boys were singing “Quit playing games with my heart,” but it’s still relevant to keep your website alive and active. By using SEO (search engine optimization) and call-to-actions, you’re sure to have healthy traffic running through your website. Increase your Google Search Rankings through Blogging and have leads come to you!

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Too much information? Bottom line is that you need a strong marketing strategy if you want your Real Estate job dreams to come true. Sell yourself and your business through social media platforms. Utilize Facebook Ads and analytics, Instagram explore pages, and network as much as possible through LinkedIn. With new technology on the rise, trying new techniques with drones, live streaming and virtual 3-D tours can set you apart from the rest. Traditional marketing strategies can also add value to your future in Real Estate. Use the BIG 3 and you’ll be selling homes faster than you can say FOR SALE!

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