How Can Your Small Business Benefit From Facebook Ads?

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You run your business, you have a decent website, you are present on Social Media, your think you have it all covered, but yet, somehow you feel like your product or service is not getting enough exposure and you know you are not reaching your potential. Next logical step would be to invest in extra marketing moves such as Advertising. You are thinking, sure I`d like to start advertising, but I’m not sure that my current budget can support it and who gives me the guarantee that I will have a ROI (Return of Investment) from it.

The perfect answer to your worries would be Social Media Advertising, and by that, we mean Facebook and Instagram Ads that you see on your news-feed every day. Why your ads couldn’t be out there among all others? Wouldn’t you like to be seen by thousands of Facebook users daily? Well you can.

You wouldn’t believe that you can start advertising your business with the same amount you daily spend on your coffee and a snack. Once you start seeing the results and get more engagement, you will be able to ad few extra dollars next time and so on.

So, if you’re convinced that you need to start advertising on the most popular Social Media Platform, but you have no clue how to do it, we will give you short guidance on how this process works. Facebook has its own great tools that are all you need to start creating your campaigns. Let’s get you familiar with them.

How do I start?

Your first step is to get familiar with Facebook Ads Manager. Now where do you find that?

You can either start from your home page by just clicking on “create ads” or you can start using Business Manager and have all your business work at one place, but let’s leave that for once you are more experienced and have more pages and campaigns to run.

You’ll know that you are in a right place because your page layout will change and will take you to your Ads Manager Page that will offer many options:

In order to set up your campaign, you need to think about the following: your brand, your goals, your target audience, amount you are willing to spend and how you would like your ads to look like.

#1 Choose your campaign objective.

Do you want to bring more engagements to your page? Or you need more traffic to your website? Or you just need to raise awareness for your brand? Whatever your main goal is, you can choose it and Facebook will aim your campaign towards fulfilling that goal.

#2 Once you choose your campaign, it’s time to your Set up account information:

#3 Choose your target audience

Now comes the tricky part of selecting audiences that will see your ads. It will be important and really useful to do your research before you set this up. Do you know your consumer? is one of our latest blogs that we highly recommend reading as a part of this research.

Who is your target audience? Start with setting up a demographic. What age range are your customers? Are you targeting only your country, or your district, or your city? Choose the language. Are you selling products that are only for men, or women?

Now, to target it more precisely, you can choose their interests, what would be the pages they follow, articles they read, what is their profession? Whatever is on your list, you can choose it in this step. Also, you can exclude audiences that you are sure you don’t want to see your ad, for example, if you want to target audience that is not already following your page, you can exclude your current followers.

#4 Placements

If you’re not an experienced advertiser, it’s better to use recommended settings, so your ads can go on all available devices and platforms. Once you gain more knowledge in this game you will be able to target your audience on specific placements.

#5 How is my money being spent?

Facebook will spend only as much money you enter and in the time frame you set up, no more, no less, so you can always be in control and you don’t have to worry that your card will be overcharged.

#6 How will my ads look like?

Now this is the fun part, where you get to play with your ad design. Before you rush into that, make sure you choose the  Facebook page for which you want to run your ads, in case you have more than one or you are doing this for a client, or a friend.  The really cool thing about Facebook is that it owns Instagram and your ads can easily be shared on both platforms if you have business pages set up on both.

You can choose to advertise with a single image, a carousel, a video, or a slideshow. You simply upload images, or videos you like to use and then you start creating the content. However, make sure you are using high quality pictures and videos or carefully designed layouts that will be eye-catching, but at the same time in line with Facebook Ads Specifications,otherwise they will not be showing on all placements (devices and platforms).

Write a catchy headline giving the most important information there, like promotions, discounts, new offers, new amazing product, etc. but keep in mind that it would be perfect to keep it under 25 characters. In the text of the ad you can give some more info on that subject, but no longer than 90 characters if you really don’t have to.

Facebook will tell you if your ad won’t perform good because of too much content, or because your image has bad quality, or if your video ad is too long, so you can always fix it on time.

When everything is done you can save your ad to drafts or you can publish it and it will start running on the dates you set up. You will always be in control and you can always stop an ad, edit something or change the settings if you see that your ad is not performing as expected, just remember that you need to give it some time in order to see the first results.


#7 How can I track the results?

Ads Manager is the place to go to track everything. Once your ads are set up, you can always see your campaign and check how it’s been running so far.

To wrap up, here is a list of reasons why Facebook Ads will bring value for you:

1. Facebook and Instagram latest statistics such as :
– 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook
– Over 1 billion daily active users
– Instagram has 700 million monthly active users

2. Amazing Facebook/Instagram Ads statistics
– 93% of Marketers Use Facebook Advertising Regularly
– Facebook earned a cool $7.68 billion in Q1 of 2017.
– 20% of Facebook’s Mobile Ad Revenue Is from Instagram

3. Simple Set-Up Process and Fast Results with Facebook Ads Manager:

– You don’t have to track your audience just with keywords, you can choose your audience based on demographics, but also by their interest behaviors or contact information;
– Facebook ad formats are made to be eye-catching, you can decide where you want them to appear and what design will work best for your ad;
– You can easily control your ad set ups
– You are always in control of your budget
– You can easily track results and export them for any external need

If all of this still seems too much for you to handle alone, consider hiring a professional to help you set up and run your first several campaigns. This way you won’t be making any rookie mistakes, your campaign will perform on its best and your will ensure ROI for your business.

We at Siva Creative have an awesome Marketing Team that loves Facebook advertising. Whether you’d like to gain more followers, more engagements, higher traffic for your website, or create brand awareness – we can help your business reach its advertising goals.

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