How Often Should I Update My Website Content?

Updating your content

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Once you have a website, there’s a lot to do to make sure it stays current and clean. Depending on what type of website you have, there are different things to consider to keep your content up to date. Some websites have more to update than others do, but that doesn’t mean your website can stay how it is from the day you launch. Not updating your website content as much as it requires can have its consequences. But what are they? Well, you better lock in that seatbelt because we’re going on a ride through the world of web content updates.

Website Content Updates Help With SEO

Search engines know what they’re looking for when they’re ranking their websites. They love websites that develop new and intriguing content. These search engines will favour sites that constantly update their site with fresh content over sites that stay static. So don’t think that these search engines only care about keywords. The overall content is what counts as well.

Web Content for Social Media Content

website content for social media

Website content can be very useful, not just to your site, but to your social media platforms. The content on your website can inspire your posts for social media. Let’s say you decide to add a blog to your site. You can use that topic for Instagram or advertise the blog on the platform.

Updating Attracts Visitors

Updating your information can make your site appear more credible. When you visit a website and see that there’s a promotion about an event that already passed years ago, you might be concerned. It becomes clear that this company doesn’t update their website regularly, therefore might not be the most organized company. You won’t want anything to do with them just in case. Making sure everything is up to date on your site can help you appear less spammy and more current.

What Kind of Information to Update

content updates

There are a few things to consider when updating your site:

  • Calendars: If you have any calendars, make sure to update any events or add new dates.
  • Brand vision: You might decide to change what your brand focuses on and switch things up. You’ll need to make sure your website mimics those changes and fits the changes you’ve made.
  • Design: It’s crucial to update your site’s design. Of course, this isn’t necessary to do regularly, but you’ll want to update every once in a while. You don’t want your site’s designs to fall behind and become out of fashion.
  • Functionality: Over time, not updating can lead to a dysfunctional site. You’ll want to play around with the layouts and do system updates so that your website is functioning well. Don’t forget about the functionality of the mobile display for your site as well. If it doesn’t it will discourage users and turn them off to your site.


So When Should You Update Your Site?

The amount of times you update your website depends on what kind of content you post. If you are a more content-driven site like a magazine, you’ll need to update a few times a day. Adding articles, updating dates, adding current content whenever you can. Meanwhile, if you have a more standard informative site such as a company that sells products, you can update a couple times a week. You might have small content here and there that needs to be updated but nothing urgent. It’s also good to just check if everything is functioning correctly. 

We hope this was informative for you! Now you can go out in the world and update your site like crazy! If you need help with maintaining your site, reach out to us at Siva and we’ll assist you with any of your website maintenance needs.

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