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Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks For Your Social Media 

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, refers to a webpage’s visibility on a search engine and using techniques to improve ranking. As a business owner interested in optimizing the digital space, you should focus on how to improve upon your SEO. Using different platforms and optimizing these pages is an excellent tool to assist in this journey.

Social media is a great resource to share your business and share your presence. However, there are a lot of accounts on social media, resulting in it becoming difficult to stand out. Therefore, Siva Creative has shared a variety of social media tools we suggest using and how to optimize your search results.

How to Improve Your SEO on Instagram

Just as a user would search on Google, online consumers also use the Instagram explore page to discover content. On the Instagram search bar, users are able to type in words, accounts, locations, and hashtags to explore. Instagram will then take your search and use a variety of factors to determine which account best matches your request.

Below, we have listed 3 tips to be aware of and utilize in order to ensure your page gets discovered. These tools will optimize your page and will improve its visibility. 

Create A Meaningful Username and Bio

The first step to creating your Instagram account includes creating a username and biography for your business. If you can include the industry or item you sell in your name, great! 

For instance, if you sell skincare, your name may be “@SkinBySienna”. However, if you cannot incorporate the product/service in your name, no worries! For example, Lululemon’s Instagram does not incorporate yoga or athletics in their handle.

Utilizing your brand’s biography to describe the company and the products you can purchase is therefore very useful. Brands should focus on this copy and the keywords included as Instagram makes these bios searchable. Overall, creating a username and bio is great for explaining who your business is, while also helping SEO! 

Hashtags are Like Keywords

Next, Siva Creative suggests your business starts to use hashtags as keywords. Using relevant and trending keywords is an excellent way to become discovered by new audiences. Creating a crafted keyword strategy will allow your business to appear in relevant search results and become discovered by ideal target audiences.

Just as you would write a blog with keywords to be featured for those topics, use hashtags the same. For example, if you are offering hydra-facials at your skincare clinic, incorporate these into your copy strategy to start ranking! 


Utilize Alt Text

Finally, Siva suggests utilizing alt text on your images, which is what is used for users with visual impairments. This alt text will explain the image, while also designing a richer post for you. Next time you share an image:

  • Tap advanced settings at the bottom of the page 
  • Write alt text 
  • Simply write in some copy and select done

These richer descriptions will increase the quality of your content and increase the search engine optimization for the post.

How to Improve Your SEO on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is a great social media platform to utilize if you would like to speak to a professional network. Below are three resources you can refer to while reaching your target audience and ensuring SEO.

  1. Create a Keyword Rich Profile

While setting up your account, think of selling yourself through keyword rich titles and descriptions. Throughout your profile, you should be using words that share your importance. For instance, if you are a realtor, your title should say “Real Estate Expert”. These words should then show up in your previous experience listings or on any posts you release. This will help portray your expertise and sell yourself to viewers. 

         2. Finish Your Profile

Once you strategize on the keywords you should use throughout your profile, you need to make sure you finish your profile. Completing your history, education, awards and so forth will optimize your page. This also shares more information about you, attracting the audience’s attention.  

         3. Create Backlinks

Quality backlinks are another good resource in order to boost your profile. For instance, linking your profile page from a blog post will help rank you higher on Google. It will gain more eyes on your page, and ultimately result in a high ranking. 

How To Improve Your SEO on Pinterest:

Pinterest is another important tool businesses may use to share information on their company and gain new leads. Although it is a visual platform, there are tips aside from your image you should watch out for:  

Write Strong Descriptions

Along with the photo, it is important to write a compelling description for Pinners. Incorporating keywords throughout is important, but make sure the description flows and is easy to read. A good description will help your pin perform better, which in turn improves the SEO. 

A written note that says SEO hanging on a clothespin.

Claim Your Website

Connecting your website with your content is a highly valued aspect of Pinterest when thinking of your SEO. Pinterest tends to prioritize pins that are created by the owner of the appropriate website, allowing you to unlock additional analytics. 

Optimize The Size 

As mentioned, Pinterest is a visually-focused social media platform. This means sizing images to the appropriate ratio is vital to ensuring the photos are optimized on different digital devices. While choosing your image, Pinterest suggests having an image with an aspect ratio of 2:3 or 600 pixels wide to 900 pixels high. 

Include Keywords In The Description of Each Pinterest Board

When creating a Pinterest board, name the board with a related keyword or term that could be searched frequently. This will increase the chances of your pinterest account, website and pinterest board being found. To research the best keywords to include in the description, search the topic and choose the first 20-30 keywords .

Social media is an excellent way to share your brand and speak to your target audience. However, in order to convert these visitors, you need to ensure you are optimizing the accounts. By following the tips listed by Siva Creative, you will be on your way to creating a strong presence with high engagement and a strong SEO! 

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