How to Succeed on Social Media: Business Edition

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Social media has billions of users across all platforms from around the world. As a business wiz, it’s only logical to wonder how to capitalize on these available markets. But how do you dominate them when they’re always changing? Siva Creative has the answers! Here are our social media tips to help your business succeed.

What Makes You Tick?

First, you need to determine what kind of content makes the most sense for your business. This can include photos, videos, blogs and much more. Once you define your content design, then you can choose your platform. Check out this blog — in it, we get into the specifics of how to find the right platform for your business. Go on, click it. We’ll wait right here.

[link to “What Platform is Right For Me?” blog once live]

Welcome back! Now that you’ve found your social media channel (or channels, you go-getter), here are our tips to help you succeed.

Social Media Channels

Each platform provides you with analytics. Make sure you use these to track engagement, follower count, watch times, likes, comments and saves. These stats will help you gauge which content your audience loves (and which posts they don’t) so that you can better cater to your followers. This demonstrates that your brand is willing to learn, listen, and adapt to client demands.


Facebook’s algorithm is primarily focused on organic, local content. BUT, paid advertising is a consistently reliable way to gain more followers and qualified leads. These paid ads let you customize your target audience based on their interests, letting them in on what your brand has to offer.

Use Facebook Live to boost your brand’s visibility. On average, a Facebook Live session gets 10x more comments than a regular video in your feed. How? It’s threefold! 

  • Facebook Live sessions are pushed to the top of your feed;
  • The topics are always changing and result in a dynamic conversation; 
  • And people generally stick around longer than a regular feed video. 

Using Facebook Live to give product demonstrations, tutorials, or hold Q&A sessions is a great way to generate engagement. Plus, your followers can get notified once you go live, keeping you top-of-mind — easy-peasy!

Facebook Groups are a great way to foster a community around your brand. It provides you with the opportunity to build trust with your audience. It helps build a stronger relationship than if you were to just post a sales pitch after sales pitch — that gets boring. BUT, it’s also a great way to thank your loyal customers with Group-only discounts. 

Take advantage of Facebook Messenger. Like chatbots, you can create automatic responses for frequently asked questions, improve customer service, and make your audience feel heard. Customers need to feel like their favourite brand cares about them just as much as they care about it. You can even create custom Messenger subscriber lists that are warmer than your overall email list and send them personalized offers and updates.


Instagram is moving toward a video-based platform, which means you need to be taking the creative time to film and edit Reels and IGTVs. A Reel is a 30-second video highlighting the main points you’re trying to show (a highlight reel, if you will). An IGTV is the long-form of a Reel. Another great tool is to, that’s right, use Instagram Live. 

Similar to Facebook, an Instagram Live lets you demonstrate your product authentically while humanizing your brand. All of these modes are shareable to your Instagram Stories. In Stories, you can boost your engagement further with polls, questions, rankings and more! Stories let people keep up with what you’re doing daily while subtly keeping your business top-of-mind. 


A social media platform for the professional, it’s ideal for building your reputation within your industry. Like Facebook (and its little sister: Instagram), LinkedIn is prioritizing video-based content. Keep in mind that most users watch the video without sound, so it’s important to add accurate video captioning and keep the video under 30 seconds. If your video is a sales pitch, you can extend its length to range from 30-90 seconds. People will watch the video to see if your pitch answers their problem — just remember to keep your content concise!

LinkedIn also prioritizes content that is posted within the platform. In other words, posting a blog from within your LinkedIn account, rather than sharing a link from your website, will likely gain more engagement. BUT, internal links within your LinkedIn blog are safe, so make sure to link out to your site (it helps your SEO, too)!

The Bottom Line

Post relatable content that inspires engagement. Limit your sales pitches and focus on humanizing your brand. Research how other brands (like Buzzfeed) are using social media to fully understand how to take advantage of social media. And, most importantly, have fun with it!

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