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Why do I need LinkedIn?

Great question. LinkedIn is a valuable tool for business owners and employees alike, whether you are looking to network or gain potential customer.  My opinion is that having a large number of followers and an optimized profile will benefit everyone. Not only will it bring you more brand awareness but it is a great way to reach out to a large amount of people at once. Whether you own a business now or are thinking about your future, LinkedIn is a great place to start.

At Siva Creative we use LinkedIn daily to promote our campaigns, network with fellow professionals and gain valuable relationships. It has been such a valuable tool for us that we really encourage everyone to capitalize on this social platform. Here are a couple of tips to help you optimize your profile.

Professional Photo

It is essential to have a professional photo on your LinkedIn profile, this will ensure that people see you as a professional of course. Rather than that selfie you took in 2013. Just ask a friend to take a photo of you wearing business casual!

Target and Add

One of the best ways to bring in either leads or potential job opportunities is to target and add the industry you are looking to focus on. For example; if you are a hairdresser, you can seek and add fellow hairdressers. Business owner? Search and target fellow entrepreneur and business owners. It’s that easy.

LinkedIn Hour

I usually spend an hour every morning responding to potential leads and adding connections. A great way to catch someone’s attention when you add them is to feature words that pertain to your industry within your headline or title. A lot of people will add connections without looking at their respective profiles. This way, when people are adding you they can see what you specialize in and will therefore be interested in contacting you further if they need your service.

Fill Everything Out 

Filling out your profile fully is essential and don’t be afraid to add volunteer work, I added in my volunteer trip to Africa and it has been a great conversation starter.  I have also added all of my education and other various programs I have been a part of.

Also, did you know that you can hire a LinkedIn content writer to help add more punch to your profile? It’s true!


For campaigns such as Coding for a Cause we use LinkedIn as an avenue to not only raise awareness but to also contact potential leads. For our first Coding for a Cause we took the time to contact every single one of our contacts (some of us had 6000 contacts!) and asked them if they knew of any Charities or Organizations that needed a website, we then linked to the application form on our website. It was very tedious and time consuming but we received such great feedback. Here is the script that we sent out to all our contacts …

When it comes to selling yourself with a pitch mass messaging, I want you to think twice about sending it. I have almost 10,000 connections and I receive messages daily – long strung out messages that I honestly just don’t have the time to read.

Many people send out very selly messages and we felt that this was a great way to break away from that cycle. Not only do people see that we are doing great things for our community but that we are also passionate about creating websites.

Be Active

During my one hour on LinkedIn I will not only add contacts but I will also like and comment on posts. These posts can be anything from congratulating someone on a new job or liking an interesting blog post. I will also endorse people on the skills they have listed on their profile. This will help create more engagement and possibly more endorsements for myself from these people.

Don’t be afraid to post photos! If you are a Real Estate agent with beautiful photos of your listings, don’t be afraid to share these. I have posted photos before and have surprisingly received quite a bit of engagement on them.


There is a section on LinkedIn where you can add recommendations for people that you have worked with. Adding recommendations for people you have worked with or clients is a great way to receive your own. If they see that you are saying great things about them, they will be more apt to give you a good recommendation. Potential employers and clients value seeing these testimonials on your LinkedIn.

If done right LinkedIn is a valuable tool for employers, business owners and professionals of every industry. Don’t forget to use it to highlight your job experience, volunteer work and promote your services! LinkedIn has more than 467 million users and is still one of the most active social media platforms on the web. Take advantage of it today!

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