Why isn’t my website secure?

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Did you know that having a secure website will increase your Google Rankings?

Google made a formal announcement that HTTPS plays a factor in their algorithm. What is HTTPS? HTTP stands for ‘Hyper Text Transfer Protocol’, the ‘S’ at the end of HTTPS stands for ‘Secure’. If you want to make a leap in your Google ranking, it’s time to get a secure website. More than 40% of the sites on the first page of

Google are secured. You will want to get secured before you lose more customers to similar sites that are outranking you.

Why does Google prefer HTTPS?

With all the security issues going on, such as Facebook getting their information leaked and Ashley Madison was hacked casing real names, home addresses, search history and credit card transaction records to be leaked online. Google has taken the stand to ensure that they protect the privacy of all their consumers by making security a top priority. Google knows that HTTPS pages far more reliable and safer than HTTP, therefore, Google ranks them higher for their consumers to click on an HTTPS over an HTTP site. Your SEO could be way better than your competitors but if the have HTTPS and you don’t, they will rank better than you. It’s time to stop the suffering of your search rankings, get your secured site today!

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Are you a small business?

43% of cyber attacks are on small business websites. It’s time to start protecting your users’ information and your information from hackers! The more security you have the better. Right now, there is about 60% of all internet traffic is from hackers, spammers, impersonators, and bots. The numbers grow every year, it’s time to get secured! Your customers and you deserve to be safe.

Do you have a big bounce rate?

The “Not Secure” label being displayed, causing people to leave your site. When people go to your site and quickly leave, this is called a bounce rate. Google has millions of people using Chrome as their browsers and did a consumer survey to see how many consumers would leave a site that is not secure, according to HubSpot Research it’s 82%. Chrome inform their user that the site is not secure. Many users will likely feel nervous from seeing the “Not Secure” label on the site, causing them to leave the site. If you look into your bounce rate, you will find proof that your users are quickly leaving. Switching to a secure site you will see a reduction in your bounce rate and an increase in sales conversions, etc.

Do you need to get your site secured?

We get protection on everything, why do we think it’s okay to skip on website protection? If you currently don’t have a secured site you need to get one! Not only will it help you rank better, but your consumers will also have a sense of trust from you. Instead of having your consumers bounce from your site, they will want to do business with you.

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