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How many hours a day do we spend on social media? Sometimes we get lost looking at pictures, checking out statuses, or scrolling through our news feed. These hours could be spent adventuring, meeting new people, or doing that one activity you’ve always wanted to try. Here at Siva Creative, we LOVE adventure and try to get out as much as we can!  This summer we challenge you to join us and #GetSivaSocial.


To keep us accountable the Siva team created a 2017 summer bucket list to complete. These are things that we have always wanted to try or just fun activities within the area!

niagara falls gorge

Hike the Niagara Gorge

This 11km gorge is located on the Canada and United States border beginning at Niagara Falls and ending at the Niagara Escarpment.  This epic hike was carved out by the Niagara River over 12,500 years ago! This is on our bucket list because we love exploring and being out in nature. Plus, Niagara Falls is absolutely beautiful!

strawberry picking

Strawberry Picking

Who doesn’t love strawberries?! Some summers we miss out on the short period of time when strawberries are in season so we decided to make it a priority to get out there do it! Especially with so many local places to pick your own!

River Float

This summer in Wasaga Beach we will be floating down the Nottawasaga River in our floaties! Let’s hope we don’t get run over by a boat.

axe throwing

Axe Throwing

Who wants to come axe throwing with us?! Wear a helmet…… or you know, full body armour.



To go along with our Coding for a Cause we will be making an effort to involve ourselves with more volunteer initiatives. Whether that be special events or going to volunteer for a day. We see this as a great opportunity to help and give back but to also network and meet new people.

bruce peninsula

Bruce Peninsula

Located between Georgian Bay and the main basin of Lake Huron this beautiful assortment of trails and caves is an adventure to say the least. With crystal clear, blue waters and picture perfect views this is a must see this for us this summer.

Siva Team Camping

We will be going out and camping with our team! We usually sit inside at a desk, but this time we will be out roasting marshmallows by the fire! We are all big lovers of camping and being one with nature.


Zip Lining + Tree Trekking

With so many opportunities to do this within our area, we must take advantage of it! With locations in Barrie, Hamilton and Muskoka it would be shame if we didn’t partake in this full body work out!

sky diving

Sky diving

Our programmers would like to cross sky diving off their summer bucket list! Do you think they will actually take the leap of faith? Stay tuned to see if they muster up enough courage.

What are YOU doing this summer? Do you have a summer bucket list to complete? Tag us in the photos of your completing your summer adventures! Our team wants to see you living summer to the fullest, Inspire us by tagging #GetSivaSocial.


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  3. Challenge 5 Awesome people you know to #GetSivaSocial with you.
  4. Share your picture as you check each item off your list!

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