Marketing Agency: What Can the Right One Do for Your Business?

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Train your own staff or work with a marketing agency? At some point, every business owner is faced with this question. While it might seem like a big investment, it is one of the few things guaranteed to pay off (if you work with the right agency).

So, is it time to hire a marketing agency?

Sales Ceiling

Your business is doing well, but it can always do better. You might just be starting out with near non-existent sales, or you might be ready to scale up, but don’t quite have the volume to do so.

Effective marketing puts your product in front of the right audience (and often vice-versa) and directly leads to increased sales. There are many investments you must make as a business owner, but few yield returns like an effective marketing strategy.

No Leads

If your business relies on the hard work of your sales team, pounding the pavement and knocking on doors will only get them so far.

Getting leads without marketing is like finding a needle in a haystack. With enough time, it might be possible, but why not just bring a magnet? Well, marketing is that magnet.

A good marketing agency will help your business generate the leads your sales team needs. They’ll set you up, you knock ‘em down.

Fresh Eyes

Marketing is a fast-moving business. Attention spans are short, and the moment you’re not exciting them anymore, people move on.

You might have had a brilliant idea three months ago, but that’s old news now. Adapting, shifting, and coming up with new ideas is a must when it comes to keeping your business top-of-mind. However, that is obviously time-consuming and that’s where a marketing agency comes in.

Time Is Money

Expanding on that last point, working 16-hour days is not why you started a business.

It can be hard to loosen the reins when it comes to your baby, but if you trust the right people, it’s a no-brainer. Micro-managing every aspect of your business is a one way ticket to stress and a nosedive in physical and mental health.

There are only so many hours in a day; making sure you’re focusing on the things you need to focus on means delegating creativity to creative professionals.

Can’t Know Everything

Even if you worked every hour of every day, you still wouldn’t have the time to learn everything you need to maximize your marketing effectiveness. 

Can you really be expected to be an expert copywriter, graphic designer, strategist, social media coordinator, and developer, all rolled into one? It makes infinitely more sense to hire a team with each expert dedicated to their individual craft.

Goodbye Uncertainty

Is your marketing working? Flopping? More often than not, you may have no idea.

Not only does a (good) marketing agency create an effective strategy for your business, they back that plan up with research. The why is just as important as the how. In addition, the moment it’s no longer working, a new strategy can be created.


You might be thinking “this sounds fantastic, but it’s too expensive. It would be far cheaper to just train my in-house staff.” However, the key word here is “cost-effective”.

If you expect someone to learn something new, that means they must split their attention between two jobs. With the constantly shifting nature of marketing, the work is never done. If you spend the time and money training someone to do a half-assed job, you get half-assed results.

The money and time it would take to hire or fully train a team to do your own marketing dwarfs the cost of hiring a marketing agency instead.

And they still couldn’t do it like Siva.

When it comes to marketing, we kick ass. Our “strategy first” approach means you know exactly why we’re making moves and how those moves will make you money.

Not sure where to start? Use our free website and social media audit to see where you stand.

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