Last Minute Tips To Kick Off Your Holiday Marketing Campaign

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December is already here and you still haven’t figured out how to start your last Marketing Campaign for this year? Or you already started, but you still need some extra inspiration? Luckily, we have some last-minute tips for you to catch up and get things going.  Even though December seems slow and you are just waiting for that long holiday break, you have to push harder to use the days before Christmas and prepare for the first one`s in the New Year. Cherish your clients throughout the year.

Here is our quick and effective list of things you can do last minute:

  1. Host a Christmas/New Year Giveaway

This is the best time in the year for you to give your service or product for free and offer it to your old or new customers. Christmas is the time to build trust, to show you care. If you are not able to offer something of yours, simply give a gift card for any store, restaurant or cafe in town.  You can host this on your website, or on your social media page. Social Media Giveaways are easy to organize and will cause fast reaction. All you need to do is create holiday designed post, add few questions or tasks for people to fulfill in order to enter it and you are ready. This will bring more traffic to your online pages and will definitely cause positive reaction as smart holiday marketing move. If you can`t make it for Christmas, you can always give a present for the New Year and get some extra time to organize everything.

2. Holiday-themed daily promotions

Feature a different product, service or discount every day for a holiday-themed period of time. Since you don`t have much time, make it for last week before Christmas, or two weeks before New Year. It doesn’t have to be anything big, just make good marketing of it and post it everywhere. Use social media, and landing pages to create excitement about what each day’s special will be, so they will be anticipating the new post and will be checking your pages daily.

3. Holiday sales and exclusive offers

Use social networks to post about exclusive sales, two-for-one deals, buy-two-get-one for free promotions and more. For an added boost, a tiny amount of advertising spend will get your social posts seen by a larger audience. For Facebook add you won’t have to spent more than 5$ per day. If nothing of this can work for you, with every purchase of your product or a service, prepare a small promotional gift, as a sign of affection. This can be anything from candies, pens and magnets, to mugs, vine bottles, or candles. Just remember to add your brand on there somewhere and few holiday details.

4. Organize a Christmas event at your location

This could be a big party if you have the time to organize it, but not necessarily. You can make it small and simple, where you offer hot chocolate and marshmallows while they will look at your store, or where they can learn more about your business, while mingling among other visitors and sharing their experiences. You can invite people to help you decorate your office Christmas tree, or simply to have some coffee and snacks while listening to Christmas music. Make them cozy and relaxed. Don’t forget to give everyone something to go home with, to remember your store, or your business by this.

5. Dress your website and your social media pages in holiday decorations along with your store window

Make a Christmas logo and put it on all your online pages.  You can make snowflakes fall over your web content, or put Christmas music in the background so they will enjoy their time on your website and wont mind spending some extra time there.  If you have the skills you can do it yourself and if not, ask a designer to do it for you. This will save you some time, you will get quality work and it will be a small investment, with big results.

If you own a retail store or a restaurant/cafe, any place with a big window looking towards the street, don’t forget to decorate it and put a Christmas tree in there somewhere. Same goes for inside office places, make it like home, take some photos and share it on your virtual window online.

6. Make a funny holiday video or a photo that you can share

This one is a quick and interesting one, use this moment to have fun and relax. Show everyone how you decorated your office, wear holiday sweaters and sing Christmas songs on your workplace. Post this on your social media pages and even on your website. Holiday spirit is everywhere so why hide it at your place of business. Don`t even worry about the quality of equipment you will use. Live video with your smart phone will do the job just fine.

7. Holiday Newsletter

If you have a Newsletter for your business, customize this month`s one. Make it all about Christmas, New Year, about good wishes and thank yous. Additionally, if you are doing any of the above-mentioned ideas, this is the place to promote it, as well. However, don’t make it all about promotions and ways to make them spend money, let that be a smaller part of your content for this month and put Christmas and New Year wishes on the first place.

8. Write a holiday themed Blog

If you have a Blog as part of your website content, in this one  you can write about your year in review, you can say what are you thankful for and what caused you troubles. Share your thoughts and feeling, because holidays are the moments when your customers will have the time to read this and they will enjoy hearing that you are having the same fears and doubts as they have. If you have some advice for next year, this is the place to share them. Use this moments to make the Blog more personal and fun. Share your work team’s holiday plans, make a holiday work photo and invite everyone to your holiday event.

9. Make a contribution to the community

If you are in the position, make a donation for your local community. Let them know that with every purchase someone makes during December, you will give percentage of it to charity, or you can organize food and clothes donations that people can drop off at your office or store and your team can deliver it lately. You can make a live video of it and show everyone how it looked like.

10. Send thank you cards at the end of the year

Whether this was a good or a bad year for you, you need to cherish your clients and customers. If you are in a retail business, or sales, send some Holiday Thank You cards to your subscribers, or members whose information you have. Make it more personal by sending a paper card instead of some online pop-up. If you’re in a more serious business where you offer more expensive services, than you have a list of clients who payed serious amount of money and trusted you with it. They will appreciate your small gesture and will surely be glad to open an envelope that doesn’t contain a bill. ?

Our team at Siva were thinking about New Year`s resolutions and guessed that many of us will want to lose weight or improve our nutrition habits in the year to come. This is why we are hosting a Facebook December Giveaway where we are offering 30 Day Nutrition Plan for Two Person with a personal fit coach. You are welcome to participate.

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