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Valentine’s Day is just a week from now and you still haven’t figured how to take advantage of it? It`s still not too late, thanks to Digital Marketing and our favorite – Social Media!

If some of you are still wondering if the most romantic holiday of the year is your thing, take a look at few interesting stats before you make a final decision:

Average annual Valentine’s Day spending                                         $13,290,000,000

Amount the average consumer spends on Valentine’s Day          $116.21

Percent of consumers who celebrate Valentine’s Day                    61.8 %

Top three Valentine’s Day gifts:

– Cards                 52.1 %

– Candy                47.5 %

– Flowers             34.3 %

If you want to see the full list of interesting numbers, check Statistic Brain and their Valentine’s Day Statistics.

When you take these numbers into consideration, there is a lot of space for you to swoop in and hit the target. All you need is candy, flowers, or cards and a nice marketing strategy. These won’t hurt your budget and you can get a lot in return.

Now, it`s easy for restaurants, candy shops, flower shops, jewelry stores, etc. since this holiday equals Christmas to them and they are preparing their strategies way in advance. For the rest of us, there are still some tips and tricks to get a little more engagement, traffic and eventually profit out of it.

1. Small signs of affection – Promotions and Gifts

No matter what your business is, show affection by investing in small, but thoughtful gifts you can give to your old, new and potential clients. Just because you work with auto parts, doesn’t mean you can’t treat your customers with some sweets. You would be surprised what candy and a card can do. Your clients would appreciate this small sign of affections and you can attract new ones by offering them the same if they contact, or visit your business on this day. Also, offer special “romantic” discounts to everyone, if your business offers services that can be attractive to couples, event better. “Two for one” promotions, or couple`s packages are way to go. This is something you can organize in a day and it doesn’t have to be anything big, as log as you and your team can make it happen in short notice and you promote it everywhere.

2. This takes us to the next step – Online Promotion

  • Share your promotions on every page you have
  • Create a short Giveaway (3-day, or even 1-day long) where you can ask people to like your page and share their Valentine`s Day plans and in return give them a gift card, or sweet package of some kind;
  • Give your profile and cover photo a romantic makeover for the day;
  • Start a Valentine’s hashtags to attract online audiences;
  • Say Happy Valentine’s Day in a customized and original post;
  • Start making Stories on Facebook and Instagram that celebrate this day;
  • Create an Instagram pole where you ask for people’s opinion on love, shopping presents, or Valentine’s Day plans;
  • If you write Blogs, make a special romantic one, share it to your social media page and take them from there to your website;
  • Think about coffee worth investment for boosting these posts or make valentine`s day Facebook adds,  so you can target your desired audience and lead them back to your landing pages.

All these actions will result in more engagements, more traffic to your pages and more potential clients.

3. You have to start loving Videos

Don’t have time to create posts for your promotions with all the content you have in mind? Well, just make a video. It is time consuming, it will definitely attract more audience (since people are becoming more and more lazy for reading) and you can make it really personal by showing the face behind your business. Whether it`s live video from your workplace, or informative ones that you will post after you do some editing, just keep doing them in the week prior to Valentine`s Day and make a special one for that day. It also gives you an opportunity to make a follow up one where you can let everyone know about winners of your prizes, or discounts.

4. Don’t forget Email Marketing

Everything you want to share on your social media pages, you can say in customized News Letter and you can send it out to all your subscribers. Some of them don’t check their social media so regularly, so this is the perfect way to reach the audience that subscribed and actually wants to hear news from you. If you want to make it even more personal, send a special email to your trustworthy clients. Yes, your relationship with them is professional, but it`s still a relationship and you need to nurture it like you would do it with your special someone. If your budget can’t afford sending them a gift, a nice, warm, personalized message can work wonders. If you want to go even more traditional – send cards to their business addresses, not just their inboxes.

5. Think of the last-minute gift shoppers

You would be surprised how many persons wait for the last minute to buy a gift. OK, I`ll admit it, I am one of those persons. So, when I realize that I am so late to plan a good present and all the stores are closed, I go online! This is the part where creativity and panic meet and gifts go beyond just candy and flowers. This is the place for online vouchers, discount cards, any kind of last minute reservations that you can get right away, online! Be there for last minute shoppers and offer services that their loved ones can use in the upcoming days, or weeks.

Like what you read? Good.

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