Marketing To Gen X: How To Do It Right

Marketing To Gen X

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If you want your business to be successful, you’re going to need to know how to talk to people, and we don’t mean spark up a conversation. We mean how to market to them, more specifically, marketing to Gen X.

Tailoring your strategy to target specific demographics can be a must, depending on the product or service you’re selling. Using some of these tips to create a shorter campaign can also help boost sales to the Gen X demographic.

First, who are Gen X?

Who Are Gen X?

Gen X is generally defined as those born between 1965 and 1980. Dubbed the “MTV Generation”, they were there for the creation of punk and heavy metal music, a changing film industry, and popping countless quarters into their favourite arcade machine.

In the 21st century, they are entrepreneurial, active, and value a healthy work-life balance. They are the parents of Millennials and Gen Z.

Marketing To Gen X

Be Authentic

Creating branding and messaging that is authentic is the only way you’ll get through to Gen X. They witnessed the end of the Cold War and the birth of the Internet. They have been targeted with ads for their entire lives and will know the moment your messaging starts to become disingenuous.

Nostalgia Works

When it comes to marketing to Gen X, don’t be afraid to throw on those rose-tinted glasses. Whether or not the world was a better place, being younger just means being more carefree. If you can help transport them back to a time when life was simpler, it will help stir emotion for your brand.

Loyalty Opportunities

Gen X will be loyal if you give them a reason. Post-purchase incentives, deals, and even a simple thank-you email can go a long way when it comes to encouraging loyalty.

A majority of Gen X feel overlooked by brands too (feeling the focus is set more on millennials and Gen Z). Speaking to them directly and creating messaging just for their demographic will also inspire loyalty.

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They Aren’t Technophobes

While millennials and Gen Z are the cohorts most associated with technology, Gen X are using it too! They spend a lot of time on mobile devices and consistently use the internet to do research about products. So, making sure you have a mobile friendly website and aren’t ignoring SEO are both very important.

Straight To Their Inbox

While they are quickly adopting new technology like mobile phones, Gen X still love the stuff they’ve been using for a long time. They check their emails frequently, so email marketing can be a huge opportunity when it comes to marketing to Gen X.

However, don’t spam them. No one wants 2 emails a day from any brand, no matter how much you love them.

Customer Service

Gen X are people persons. They appreciate a solid customer experience and that includes being available to answer questions or address any concerns they might have. Combining this with email marketing can mean following up purchases with a simple thank you. A personal touch goes a long way.

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