Marketing To Gen Z: Tips For Doing It Right

Marketing to gen z

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Whether you call them Generation Z, Gen Z, or Zoomers, marketing to this demographic can be incredibly important. It can also be a little tricky, but that’s why you’re reading this. So, let’s jump right into our tips for marketing to Gen Z with a quick deter to explain exactly who the term Gen Z applies to.

Who Is Gen Z?

While some demographic cohorts have exact years associated with their group, Gen Z is a bit more fluid. They are generally defined as those born between the mid to late 1990s and early to mid 2010s.

Gen Z is the first generation to be dubbed “Digital Natives”. This term refers to the fact that they grew up in the Information Age, where there was an industry shift to information technology and massive leaps forward in computing.

Gen Z are tech-savvy, progressive, and generally more stressed with higher levels of depression than previous generations.

Marketing To Gen Z

With all this in mind, speaking to Gen Z isn’t the uncrackable enigma it’s made out to be. Here are some simple tips you can apply to your business for marketing to Gen Z.

Building Trust Is Incredibly Important

Gen Z doesn’t make purchases on a whim. They look for brands that stand for something more than just making money. However, the good news is that because of this, if you do it right, creating brand loyalty means locking in a customer who will advocate your brand for you.

Follow The Content Length Trend

Attention spans are getting shorter. Gone are the days when you could interrupt a 30-minute television show with a 30-second ad. Short-form video content is incredibly popular with Gen Z so if you plan to participate, your videos should be brief too.

This goes for ads too. If Gen Z is scrolling through hundreds of 10 second ads every day, you only have a few seconds to capture their attention. Speak quickly and get to the point.

The Influence Of Influencers

Social media stars have built their reputation on the internet. While some also have film, modelling, or sports careers, most are known solely through their presence across social media.

Influencers are much more grounded and relatable than the stars of yesterday. Because of this, recommendations from their favourite influencer carry a lot more weight. However, these recommendations need to be sincere. This means finding an influencer who matches your brand’s values and will honestly advocate for your product, not just hock a sales pitch at their audience.

They Want To Be Heard

Gen Z loves getting involved with their favourite brands and will happily supply you with a stream of user-generated content. It’s a pretty fantastic partnership too. They get to be famous for 5-minutes, and you get content to repurpose and use for your brand.

It’s not just user-generated content either. Simple things like polls or encouraging the voicing of unique opinions in comment sections works wonders for Gen Z.

Make Them Laugh

Depending on your brand, showing off that you’re not all business is a fantastic way to encourage growth with Gen Z. This can mean cracking jokes or getting in on meme-centric culture.

A word of caution: when it comes to memes and trending content, make sure you’re actively involved in the scene. Posting old, stale content can quickly get you labelled as an out-of-touch brand that’s trying a bit too hard. The best way to avoid this is by simply ensuring a Gen Z marketer is doing your marketing.

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