Marketing Trends of 2019

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1-  Mobile Friendly Website

Today, mobile devices are an integrated part of everyone’s life. According to the Meeker 2018 Internet Trends Report, time spent on mobile more specifically with digital media has reached 3.3 hours a day.

Since most people are now surfing the web through mobile, web owners need to make their website more mobile friendly. The best way to design a website to be more mobile friendly is by making it responsive. Responsive websites have all the same information the normal website has, but it changes the way it is displayed and arranged according to the size of the device.

Key features of mobile-friendly website are:

  • Content is the same
  • Images are smaller
  • Navigation is simpler.

For 2019 try to focus on what consumer wants: to view websites fast and that can be accessed from their mobile devices.

2- Colours of 2019

Forget pastel colours, this year is all about vivid colours! Pantone 2019 Colour of the Year is Living Coral PANTONE 16-1546, which they say is an “animating and life-affirming shade of orange with a golden undertone.” Companies found using Living Coral and other vivid colours is a great way to grab customer attention. In order for that to happen, they must be willing to take big design risks. The 2019 design trend is to focus on nature and its amazing colours.

Are you curious about the most used colours around the world? Check it here:

3- Asymmetrical Layouts

Asymmetrical and unexpected types of designs have been around for a while and are used to draw attention to something specific in the image or just experiment with design. It is predicted that this year this type of design will become super popular on the web.

Another common design trend in 2019 is the grid concept used to organize elements on the screen. Usually, it is very easy to notice if a website is using this concept because all elements on the design will be centralized, whereas broken grid elements are pushed around in a way that feels less rigid. This year, tends in design are moving towards asymmetrical and unexpected web designs.

4- Native Advertising

What about using an ad that doesn’t look like an ad?

This is called Native Advertising! It refers to the use of paid ads that match the look and format of the media that is being used. The great thing about using this type of advertising is that it doesn’t look like an ad, it flows with the page, and grabs the consumers attention. If it weren’t for the small ‘Ad’ text in a box at the bottom of the page, you probably wouldn’t realize it’s an ad.

You can find this style in pretty much all the places you can find advertising, from search engines to social media platforms. This is becoming a more common advertising strategy in 2019 because consumers are becoming less responsive to the obvious, pushy marketing strategies that we often see. For 2019, remember, the ‘this doesn’t look like a typical ad’ strategy will be gaining attention in the future.

5- Streaming

The next big trend for 2019 is streaming, like the new Instagram IGTV. Launched a few months ago, IGTV allows users to upload a video of up to one hour in length and is an attempt to compete with services like YouTube. The best thing is that contrary to Instagram’s stories, IGTV will not disappear after 24 hours. Apart from that, this feature is also built exactly for the way we use our phones: vertical and full screen. If you want to see all IGTV has to offer, you can learn more about it here.

Remember that all videos will begin playing instantly when clicked and if the user has their audio turned on then you will be able to hear the videos. Another thing to consider is that loud or distractive intros will probably make the viewer swipe past your video. If the video is played without sound you may have more freedom to create something eye-catching.

If you are looking to engage more with your audience, consider focusing on developing video content for social media platforms like Instagram.

6- Bet on Chatbot

A chatbot (or chatterbot) is programming that simulates the conversation or “chatter” of a human being through text or voice interactions. They are being used to manage online conversations between both B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer).

Why choose this programming? This 2019 trend is perfect for companies who are looking to not only reduce the costs of support staff, but also provide customer service during times when agents are not available.

It’s important to mention that this type of communication should not be used for everything. This strategy is best used for specific things such as routine tasks and frequently asked questions while providing customized responses for consumers is crucial for developing strong customer relations.

Are you interested in learning more? Click here.

7- Email Is Getting More Personalized

According to Econsultancy Company, although many brands know how important online strategy is, only 5% of them are actually personalizing their emails. Additionally, companies using personalization reported a 14% uplift in sales.

Email is one of the most common forms of communication in the world today. Those generic emails used in the past are not as effective as they used to be! It’s important that every email marketing effort is personalized for the client. Writing something in the subject line that grabs the attention of the consumer and makes them want to open the email is a must have.

When browsing a product online, email marketing should include a promotional coupon or demo video to be effective. Usually, email is the trigger, or the motivation for a customer to buy the product so putting effort into personalization is an effective strategy for achieving results.

Don’t forget: for 2019 the trend is to personalize your company email.

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