7 Online Tips For Fitness Professionals

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You are passionate about motivating others to live and pursue a healthy active lifestyle and you know almost everything there is to know about health and wellness. You spend hours researching, meal prepping, training and studying. You have a small base of clients that love you and have had great results. But wait, how do you bring in more of these dream customers? Yes, referrals are great, but you are missing out on multiple different online avenues to bring in sales. You are all set up but lack a network to bring in even more potential clients. Don’t worry, I have put together a list of the most popular avenues that you need to pursue.

#1. A Website

This one is a no brainer! A serious fitness professional needs a website if they want to make a splash within the community. It may seem like an optional detour to some but it is a serious investment that will pay itself off if used correctly. This is a platform for you to showcase before and after photos, sell online workout programs, blog about recipes or supplements and overall promote your skills and services. With proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques used within your website it will have to opportunity to rank higher than your competitors, so when Lucy wants an amazing personal trainer to help her reach her goals she will find you first on a Google search. You need to have somewhere everyone can go to for more information on your services!

#2. Before and After Photos

Alright, so having these before and after photos are essential. You need to show the results that you and your clients worked so hard for, these are like visual testimonials of how strong your motivational/training skills are.  If your clients are too shy for a before and after photo, written testimonials are still a terrific addition to your marketing arsenal. These will provide trust for potential clients that you provide serious results and know exactly what you are doing.

#3. Instagram

Instagram is king when it comes to fitness. Health and wellness has a huge market on Instagram, grow your following and you are almost guaranteed sales. But wait, how exactly does one grow their following? Having high quality images is key, whether they are informational or of yourself. Post a picture of how much water you consume or supplements you love. Show information that people want to see and be creative with it! How many times should you post? As much as possible, everyday if you can. There are great programs out there that can help you schedule posts ahead of time like Buffer or Hootsuite. Take advantage of Instagram stories, these are a great way to post quick fun videos and make emotional connections with your followers. The more emotional connections you make, the easier it is for potential clients to spend money!

#4. Video

Images are great but having high quality videos is even more effective, film yourself doing exercises that target certain body parts. Back day? Film it! Leg day? Film it! You need to target the audience you want to work with. Maybe some people are looking to lose weight and some people are looking to bulk up, so cater your marketing material to suit those needs. YouTube is also a wonderful way to target more people and to widen your sales funnel, make videos about your Grocery hauls, what you eat within a day and what kind of products you use. If you grow a large enough following on YouTube you have the potential to make money from this platform, whether that be through paid advertisements on your videos or sponsorship’s from companies to promote their products.

#5. Referral Incentives

Starting a referral program is a very effective way of making new connections and rewarding pre-existing ones. Whether it be for a bag of goodies or for a discount on their next training session, there are so many ways to go about it. This may not necessarily be a digital marketing strategy but using your social media, website and other platforms to promote this can benefit your sales tremendously.

#6. Email Marketing

Good old email marketing! If done correctly this avenue can be very beneficial for your business. Providing valuable information, information that you would want to read yourself, with enticing graphics and fun copywriting can be a fun way to lure clients in. It is also a great way to create a network of individuals interested in purchasing whatever you have to offer. Show your personality and give fun tips, the best products or recipes. Insert an email capture popup on that website of yours and there you go, you are ready to start your email list.

#7. Blogging

This one is huge! Bigger than most fitness professionals account for. Blogging is essential if you own a website, there are always so many questions when it comes to health and fitness. Blogging is a great way to answer those questions and show case the knowledge you have. They could even be inspiration, a favourite healthy recipe or just reviewing a product. Whatever it may be blogging is so important for your brand and essential to increase your (SEO) Search Engine Optimization.

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