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Organic Posting During COVID-19

One of the most difficult parts of promoting a business on social media is standing out from the noise. It is even more difficult now that COVID-19 has forced so much of the economy to rely on digital mediums. So, especially now, basic paid digital advertising isn’t enough to incite brand favourability. It certainly cannot be a business’ sole means of attracting clientele. That is why businesses must look to organic posting for support!

Siva Creative believes that organic content is essential to developing a powerful online presence. With an individual seeing thousands of advertisements every month, and 70-80% of users ignoring sponsored search results, businesses need to get creative

Learn here which platforms are best for each of your businesses objectives!

Why Stay On Top Of Organic Posting?

There are many reasons as to why organic social media posts are an ideal choice for your company. Let’s start off with the most obvious reasons.

  1. Organic posts are cost-effective with an incredible reach if done right!
  2. Organic posts have a significant lifespan that helps build a profile persona and can be reposted.
  3. Maintaining a consistent social media presence provides both credibility and personability to your brand. 
  4. By establishing your brand’s persona through organic content, you can build a relationship that can convert followers into buyers. 

Specific Advantages Of Organic Posting During COVID-19:

  • Maintain a dialogue with existing and potential clients,
  • Keep the public updated about your business during times of uncertainty,
  • Benefit from online means of generating revenue,
  • Drive website traffic to grow potential leads during/after the pandemic.

Which Platforms Can Help Your Business...

1) ... Maintain A Dialogue?

Dialogue is key when trying to build a strong connection with consumers online. This is even more important when they can not visit you in-store. Responding to direct messages or replying to comments are outstanding ways of ensuring easy communication for consumers. After all, 90% of consumers read online reviews or comments before visiting a business. Also, having the ability to reply to these reviews and comments establishes a personal connection with users. Therefore, a two-way dialogue enabled by social media is essential to overall building trust and favourability. Plus, it gives viewers a greater sense of your company’s customer service during difficult times.

Platforms that encourage two-way communication with consumers through comments or digital chats are:

  • Twitter,
  • Facebook,
  • Instagram,
  • LinkedIn,
  • YouTube.

NOTE: Out of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, Instagram is the highest engagement rate per follower.

2) ... Update Your Customers?

Keeping consumers updated about your health precautions, availability, and new features are essential to maintaining a relationship during this time. The best means of doing so are:

  • Google My Business COVID-19 Updates or Events,
  • Facebook Events or Status’,
  • Instagram Post/Story,
  • Twitter,
  • YouTube,
  • TikTok,
  • LinkedIn.

At Siva Creative, we want to keep businesses updated on how our clients are staying positive during all this and staying ahead! To do this, Siva Creative created the ‘Portfolio of Positivity’ and showcased it across our social media profiles linking viewers to our related Portfolio Of Positivity Blog. It updated viewers on how clients are staying active in their industry. Also, it informs viewers that Siva Creative is maintaining its consistency and availability for all its clients during these uncertain times.

How is Siva Creative using these platforms to stay consistent for clients? 

Portfolio of Positivity Organic Posting

First, we implement them in strategic ways to reach diverse crowds with an abundance of information. For example, Siva uses LinkedIn to give businesses updates on ways to stay on top of their game. There’s also Siva Creative’s Instagram ‘What’s Happening’ highlight showing viewers what they are up to or even basic Facebook posts (as seen to the right)!

3) ... Generate Revenue?

Due to COVID-19, many businesses are struggling to profit. Organic content can increase sales without a huge advertising budget. Therefore, organic content can help you create the revenue you need with an exceptional ROI. 

Organic Posting of DermaNiche Self-Care Box

Some effective platforms are:

  • Using Facebook Offerings or Marketplace
  • Google My Business Offerings 
  • Instagram Product Information
  • LinkedIn

DermaNiche, one of Siva Creative’s clients, utilized Google My Business Offers to promote their Self-Care Box. By promoting it on Google My Business, DermaNiche has an organic post directly linking potential consumers to the sales page. Additionally, Google My Business has a section highlighting the promotion code to draw attention.

4) ... Increase Web Traffic?

Organic content can provide direct links to your site with simple prompts to create intrigue. By driving traffic to your website, you develop opportunities to generate new leads. Once you get a viewer to click through, it’s easier to get them to look through your website! The key is to direct viewers to a landing page that will spark further interest.

Platforms that can help increase website traffic are:

  • Pinterest,
  • YouTube,
  • Facebook,
  • LinkedIn,
  • Twitter.

Another Siva Creative client, Fempire Builders, used an organic Facebook post to drive traffic to the Course Makers information page. Fempire Builders simply posted about an intriguing topic and left a link directly in the post.  Overall, this generated consumer engagement through their previously established, and free, resources.

Organic Posting of Fempire Builders

How Can Siva Creative Help You Create Organic Content?

Siva Creative is a leading growth marketing agency that has the expertise in organic posting to produce optimal results for your business. First, we learn everything we can about your brand. Then, we produce a customized strategy, and begin the process of developing and implementing content on your businesses behalf. How are we so successful? We carefully analyzing industry trends, assessing previous campaigns to incorporate areas of success, and producing eye-catching posts that establishes your company’s brand further in your consumers mind.

Still not sure Siva Creative is the right fit for your business? Contact us today to chat with one of our expert team members!

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