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Never heard of us at Siva? First off, where have you been? Second, let me give you some insight into who we are. We’re a full service digital agency. Booooring. You know what we do. All it takes is one visit to our site’s services to figure it out. But who are we really? How did we get here? What do we aim to accomplish? Well, let’s continue this blog and hopefully by the end you’ll get a good glimpse of who we are. Now let’s rewind about 5 years ago.

Our Origin


Like every superhero league, we each have our origin story. But who does it all start with? Meet Mallory Steele. Mallory is the founder of Siva; the one who started it all. She started off working at an agency where she worked directly with clients. She was young with little experience. But later she came to realize that the company she worked for had no intent to give the best outcome for their clients. Instead, they prioritized making money as quickly as possible. They didn’t really care for their clients and that didn’t sit right with Mallory. So she did what she felt was necessary to do. She got up and left. Like a true lone wolf. 

Some clients loved working with her so much that they said, “We’re coming with you.” At that moment, Mallory knew she had to start her own digital agency. So she and her coworker, Andrew, left to start Siva where Andrew is now the head of development. Mallory knew she wanted her agency to be one where the client always came first. Everything is made custom for them. No templates, no cookie-cutter plan. At the time, no business cared to make a custom website for their clients. But not Mallory

Our Name

Siva. What does it mean? When Mallory started the company, she needed to come up with a name, and fast. Aggressively transparent. This was her inspiration. A bold, clear, passionate agency with a direct approach. We’re not shy. We’re determined and our determination is aggressive. Or as others say, aggressiva. Or as we nicknamed it, Siva.

The Wolf

The wolf

If you’ve had a chance to visit our site or social media platforms, you’ll see wolves around every corner. This was not a mindless decision. The wolf has many meanings. It symbolizes teamwork, power, and fierceness. Like a pack of wolves, each of us work together as a team to complete our projects. We all have our unique strengths. When we put our heads together and build each other up, we come up with something no one can do individually. A pack is always stronger together. Our pack is fierce and we treat our campaigns like prey. We adapt to the situation and circle it together. We’re determined to tackle it and succeed in the end.

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How We Got Here

Each company has its own gap that they fill. Otherwise, they won’t stand out from the hundreds of other agencies. Our digital agency fills the gap of a lack of custom plans and communication. Since we put the client first, we create a strategy made specifically for them.

In the beginning, we got a bit carried away. We ran when we should’ve crawled. We got so caught up in our client work that we neglected ourselves. So, we stopped and took a second to pace ourselves. We developed the right systems to scale our business. It was time for a makeover. We went back to our roots and brought back the fiery passion and determination and put it back into our brand. That’s how our rebrand came together.

Want to work with our pack to get your business at the top of its game? Contact us and we’ll get it started! Let’s get scaling!

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