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Siva Creative Introduces LAUNCH: A Brand For Startups

Welcome to LAUNCH, by Siva Creative! LAUNCH is our new division dedicated to fueling startups and helping small businesses tackle the challenges of the digital world. Our marketing assistance launches you towards a do-it-yourself-able position and is the best way to create your powerful online presence.

LAUNCH helps you reach a DIY business model by building a base and preparing a simple process for your digital needs. Thereby providing the online foundation for your brand at an affordable cost.

This is an essential step for business’ as 61% of internet users will research products or services before purchasing it. Meaning, your website’s initial impression has to be at the top of its game!

Why We LAUNCHed:

Siva Creative has worked with companies that range from startups to big businesses. Thankfully, LAUNCH has given us a new opportunity to welcome more clients than we could before! With LAUNCH, we can now offer resources to even more clients by implementing a hands-off approach. We provide businesses with the core features of a successful online presence. Once the base is secured, the owner takes on their newly developed online business for complete control!  LAUNCH can make its services affordable for even the smallest of budgets by giving you the tools to succeed.

LAUNCH offers personalized packages at affordable prices to ensure that we can help launch any client toward success. Why is affordability so important to LAUNCH? Well, it comes with our mission objective. We want to benefit more businesses, and part of that is being easily accessible. LAUNCH offers the core branding features that will help your business take off!


What LAUNCH By Siva Creative Offers:

A customizable website template hosted by Siva Creative

We have developed a series of industry-optimized templates that are incredibly easy to use. They all incorporate key features such as clear navigation, assorted informational sections, and potential eCommerce abilities where required. Furthermore, domain costs are included in LAUNCH’s pricing.***


1. Choose the template design

2. Send a brief to direct customization of your website.

3. Receive complete control of your website!

Designing your brand logo

Whether you’re a new brand or revamping your brand, you can get a fresh, high-quality logo. This option provides you with a professional graphic designer to reinvigorate your brand perception.

Webpage Development

When advertising, it’s important that you have a cohesive and aesthetically-pleasing page that you guide customers, clients, or fans to. This page is their first step to making an action that will benefit your business. LAUNCH builds this page and optimizes it for the best user experience!


1 x FREE GSuite user included

GSuite is an incredibly useful tool for any professional. It is a huge asset for managing an assortment of tasks, clients, and employees. When you join LAUNCH, you will receive 1 free GSuite user account!

Customized domain name

Your domain name is the core of your business’ URL. This is most often the name of your company. When you use LAUNCH, your new website’s domain name is included in the fees and is purchased on your behalf! Should you already own a domain name, this will be accounted for in your package.

Siva Learn***

Siva Learn is what makes our do-it-yourself business model so much better than our competitors’. We build the foundation of your online presence and give you the resources to take over when the time comes. Siva Learn is a database of tips, tricks and tutorials for small businesses and startups growing their business online! This includes everything from marketing tricks to search engine optimization tips. We even include a walk-through on how to edit your new website! Want an example of content you can plan on creating? Check out our blog with social media and content tips for small businesses!

Here at Siva Creative, we couldn’t be more excited to help more Canadian small businesses than we ever have before! The continuous growth we continue to experience is something we have always wanted to share with other businesses. With LAUNCH, our aspirations are now possible and we can’t wait to take this new journey with you.

Check out the LAUNCH website for more information!

***Please Note:

  1. Launch By Siva incorporates the 1st year of hosting fees into the original package. After the 1st year, there will be an additional hosting fee.

  2. Siva Learn is an additional feature that you pay extra for.

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