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Maxim Innovation

Maxim came to us for their marketing. They completed marketing activities in the past and wanted a fully managed in-house marketing team to partner with. And that’s where Siva came into the picture!

Quick Protect

Although QuickProtect had its own brand identity, it was left under the Quick Intelligence brand and website. With this in mind, QuickProtect had to be separated and identified as its own company focusing on the IT and security small business target of Quick Intelligence. QuickProtect is a SaaS company but had no automation on its original website.

Barrie Plastic Surgery

Barrie Plastic Surgery (BPS) came to us as a marketing partner in 2019. We didn’t build their current website; however, we made edits and blog posts to increase their SEO and ensure the website catered to their target market. Although their marketing results were great, we wanted the website to reflect their current brand identity in a seamless and cohesive way.

Phillip Moore

Phillip Moore wanted to create himself a professional brand that positioned him as the industry leader for ICI Real Estate Purchase and Lease transactions in the Barrie – GTA corridor. Phillip Moore needed to grow his presence and subscriber base by providing contact that speaks to his target market.

Fempire Builders

Fempire Builders needed to launch a program called ‘Course Makers’ and wanted to increase the brand presence of Fempire Builders.


When Fit Cricket Nutrition first signed on with Siva Creative, their name was Jump Bars. They approached Siva with a number of challenges. First of all, they needed a complete rebranding! Another company in a different industry had the same name as them. If they wanted to expand throughout North America, there would be a lot of confusion. Next, they needed an E-commerce site. Fit Cricket needed a user-friendly online platform that people could navigate with ease and be made adaptable for when they expand into the United States. Last but not least, they needed help to create consistent branding and messaging across their social media platforms. They needed to push past the small, seemingly personal social media image and transform the feed to portray the credible business it actually is.

AIA Insurance

The insurance brokerage market is a highly saturated sector, filled with dozens of independent brokers and agencies eager to secure their next client. Though AiA Founder and President Rajiv Verma had over 16 years of experience in the field of insurance brokerage, he found it difficult to establish himself in Southern Ontario’s competitive market. To contend with their competition, AiA Insurance knew they had to take advantage of the potential that could be made available to them through digital advertising. AiA had been around for two years when they partnered with Siva Creative, but they had very little audience data. They were unaware of who their ideal audience was and how to best market their brokerage. Their business was stable, but it was not scaling.


DealerPlan came to Siva Creative with the goal of generating qualified leads focusing on high-end dealerships. They wanted a website overhaul that created a place where clients could access information, engage services, make contact and segregate the website to cater to target both consumers and dealerships.

Dockside Publishing

Dockside publishing came to us to re-create their current website. They wanted a more modern design that matched their current branding and published magazines.


Full rebrand, baby! The client wanted to rebrand from Miller Tech to True North Integration. It was important to showcase the new brand, give the brand a voice, and a professional tone. The website had to reflect the house automation system that True North offers to their customers. The client desired a website that was easily digestible and created to convert leads that turn into lifetime clients.


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