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walked into a bar…

that was us, last weekend. Like we said before: we’re real people. As much as we play hard, we work hard too. We all bring something unique to the table, and it’s with celebrating our different skill sets that we can create leaving no stone unturned. Meet the team behind your next project (we’ll save you a spot next weekend).

Mallory Steele

We love to help our clients realize their business ideas so they can duplicate themselves and build communities. We take new or existing business ideas and transform them into a complete digital business model. How? We map out the entire customer journey from start to finish then guide our clients to scale profitably and efficiently.
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Arif Khan

Siva Inc. can embrace and walk through the innovation challenges with other business owners. Siva Inc. partners with them to check off those goals on their wishlist. Siva’s full team of talented developers, designers, marketers, writers, and future-ready AI architects make it easy to say, “Yes, Siva can do it!”.
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Andrew Arkwell

Director of Development
Andrew is ready to build and scale your business using modern app, web, and business technologies combined with effective tech-based business development. He often applies his own skills in app and web development to improve a client’s business. As the Director of Development, he’s also involved in problem-solving actual business development, understanding scalable tech, and applying the right resources effectively.
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Nick Lepp

Project Manager
With a four-year degree in creative advertising and a specialization in project management, Nick knows the ins and outs of building an entire company out of thin air. He’s incredibly dedicated and passionate about every client he has the pleasure of working with to fulfill their next big business idea. Nick is there every step of the way to ensure a smoothly managed project from start to finish.
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Aidan Longaphie

Project Manager
A project manager needs a keen and overarching understanding of all things advertising and marketing. Aiden is passionate about not only inspiring and creative campaigns, but ones that deliver results, whatever your definition of results needs to be. A conduit between client and creative team, he ensures that whatever book you’re reading, everyone is on the same page.
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Jose Delgado

Project Manager
Jose is an MBA industrial engineer with 18 years of experience developed in the complex and dynamic worlds of logistics and eCommerce tied together with a unique combination of managerial experience, operative expertise, and business development. He’s passionate about leading teams with disruptive and challenging ideas, utilizing creativity and collaboration to design and execute strategies, high-profile projects, and solutions to create a valuable and lasting impact on customers.
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Monika Boyd

Customer Experience Manager
As a results-driven success manager with ten years of experience in the digital marketing industry, Monika advocates for the client, making their entire journey a pleasant one that also meets all desired objectives. Monika will make sure all your goals are being met (or exceeded) by keeping communication channels clear to your project on track.
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Victoria Vecchio

Victoria gathers research and insights to develop custom strategies for each client who comes on board. Making people say, “Sh*it, that’s clever,” is something that she strives to hear when presenting my campaigns, creative briefs, and strategies. At Siva Inc., creativity and out-of-the-box thinking are challenged and welcomed.
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Nichelle Lewis

Whether you’re shifting your brand’s focus to a new audience or your target market, Nichelle’s designs at Siva Inc. fortify your message in a creative and unique way. From websites and digital campaigns to large and small format print, she sees every design created with our Siva team to ensure the highest possible quality. She loves that Siva Inc. encourages an innovative environment that allows everyone to voice their opinions and improve their skills.
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Caprice Biasoni

Caprice is a graphic design graduate who is passionate about creating effective brand-focused design solutions for both print and digital media. She strives to visually communicate your vision from strategy to ideation to execution. She has designed for brands in the real estate, restaurant, eCommerce, and service industries, but her versatility has no limit! Bringing extensive target research and creative design to create a user experience for your business like no other.
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Stephen McLean

Everyone has that perfect, beautiful idea in their head. Stephen is able to execute it and mould it into a successful brand, website, and business. He and his team members at Siva Inc. are ready for any challenge that you could throw their way! At Siva Inc., ‘challenge accepted’ has reached a whole new level.
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Rajan Baral

Rajan is an independent web developer who’s enthusiastic about bringing a client’s concepts and visions to life. Cloud Engineering, Web Design and Development, and everything in between has consistently been his greatest point of interest and passion. He’s a tech enthusiastic professional with strong critical thinking abilities in designing and planning web applications. Rajan is well-versed in current tech patterns and a team player, working intimately with his Siva Inc. colleagues to produce high-quality deliverables.
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Reyhaneh Ehsani

Reyhanah is an experienced website developer building eCommerce and lead generation websites for a variety of different industries. Her expertise goes beyond just coding your website. Maybe your site is running too slowly or you need some maintenance, Reyhaneh here to help. No matter what you need from updated functionality to an entire refreshed website, Siva Inc. has the experienced team you need.
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Elisa Barcellona

Ask someone about themselves, and the response you receive only scratches the surface. As a writer in the business of connecting with people, diving into the details is Elisa’s specialty. From brand voice to taglines that sway, she writes to tell a story that connects and ultimately, builds trust with audiences.
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Emma Lough

Nothing is more frustrating than not getting your point across. As a business, driving leads through clear communication is your central goal. Emma is the copywriter who can make that happen. She goes into a project ready to do the work to connect your brand with your target market, chameleon-style. At Siva Inc., we work together to form an individualized strategy that gets your business qualified leads so your company not only succeeds but establishes your solution as a worthy investment.
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Noor Yousif

Copywriter Intern
Noor is currently a fourth-year advertising student at OCAD University specializing in copywriting. Right now, she has dedicated her time at Siva Inc. as a copywriter intern. Siva Inc. has a team that stays on brand and true to our customized strategy to make your company stand out from its competitors.
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Ashok Sundarraj

Digital Ad Coordinator
Ashok is an experienced digital marketer with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry. He cleverly combined both techniques of digital marketing and web design and started working in both fields. At Siva Inc., he’s the advertising strategist to help people and businesses reach their target customers by using what he has learned through various periods of my professional journey.
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Mylan Nguyen

Social Media Strategist
Meet Mylan (mah-lan), a second-year computer science and business student at Western University. As a passionate and self-driven problem-solver, she’s enthusiastic about leveraging technology for social impact and sustainability. With so much still to learn, she loves meeting new people and learning about their stories.
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Rebel Steele

Jr. Pawject Manager
As Junior Pawject Manager, Rebel’s job is to strip down every project to the bone so that her pack’s success rate goes through the woof. She can be a little ruff around the edges because running a business/entrepreneurship is a dog-eat-dog world. Rebel recommends getting a little Rebel-lious in your life.
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