The Importance of Branding

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Branding is more important than you probably think. Depending on how you go about branding, it could make or break your business. It may seem like an afterthought and that it’s just a bunch of minor details, but your branding is essentially the face of your company. If your branding doesn’t look visually appealing or looks old-fashioned, it’s going to turn off a lot of viewers. In addition to how current it looks, your branding will give off a specific personality. For example, some companies might seem very friendly and quirky while others might seem dramatic and serious. This all depends on how the branding is created. 

These days with social media and the internet, it’s been a lot more important for companies to have successful branding. This is because people are searching up all the competitors and comparing what they’re seeing to decide who they’ll go with. So it’s up to the branding to make the business stand out.

Let’s get into some of the finer details of the importance of branding, shall we?

Branding Helps Catch Attention

Apple advertisement

This is the basic reason for branding. You want something that will hook people in and get them interested in your business. Branding even helps with making your business memorable. People view several businesses a day. So how do you make yours stick in their minds? A very unique design can achieve this. An example of memorable branding is Apple. Apple has such a simple, sleek, and sophisticated brand aesthetic. From the logo to the packaging, everything is so recognizable to anyone these days and adds to the prestige of the brand.

It Helps Build Loyal Customers

Branding not only helps with drawing customers in, but it also helps with keeping them around after the fact. Having a good image helps humanize your brand and makes customers feel welcomed. Once they feel welcomed, they’ll come back again and even tell others about your business, bringing in new customers. Having successful branding also helps with building trust. When a customer sees a business that looks up-to-date and visually appealing, it makes them feel like this is a brand they can trust. Poorly-designed companies make people feel as though your business isn’t credible and they will find a company that feels more real.


Now that you understand the importance of branding, let’s get into its different components!


Logos are a must in the business world. It represents everything a brand is about, all in one little icon. It’s the piece of branding that is used on all types of business assets. This includes documents, letterheads, websites, social media, advertising, and much more.

Branding logo before and after

Here at Siva, we provide branding services for clients looking to either spice up their current brand or to start completely from scratch. Above is what one of our designers, Caprice, did for a client of ours. She took their original logo and switched it around to create a more sophisticated and clean logo. It’s a small adjustment since the client didn’t want to stray too far from the original. But it’s different enough that it portrays the right message.

Colour Palette

Pepsi colour palette

It’s crazy to think that a simple colour combination can make people think of a specific company. It’s the same as connecting a colour combo to school colours. When you think of blue and yellow you might think of Ryerson University. When you think of blue and red you might think of Pepsi. These colour combinations help with making your brand memorable. So when someone goes throughout their day, something may trigger their brain into remembering your business.


Fonts are another way to set yourself apart from other competitors. These fonts can be used on your website, social media, and even in your logo. Don’t underestimate the power of a font. Fonts can really add a lot of personality to your business. Every word you write needs to be properly designed to fit the visuals of the rest of your brand and tie everything together.


Gucci brand pattern

The imagery you use refers to the types of images that would be displayed on your website, social media, and advertisements. There could be a general feel of the images or it could be the content displayed in the images. Imagery doesn’t always have to be photographs. It could also be general patterns that your business uses. It could be a pattern or a colour gradient. Anything that is reflected on your business. 

Of course, there are a lot of components of branding besides the few I just mentioned. Branding is a complicated process and takes a lot of work. Siva handles all of your branding needs if you wish to start your business or freshen it up. Contact us today to get started on bringing your company to life!

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