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We are located 45 minutes North of Vaughan. For a city that prides itself on fun and excitement we want to tap into those same ideals when we create something wonderful for your growing business. We’re not saying we’re a 306 foot adrenaline filled Leviathan of a company but we will be the next best thing in helping your business grow into a publicly recognized company for the future. We are Vaughan’s Growth Marketing Advocates in helping Local Businesses increase Leads, Sales, and Conversions.

Our Vaughan Projects

Freedom Lending

Check out the work we have done for clients in other cities!

Freedom Lending

Check out the work we have done for clients in other cities

Why Siva?

Siva Creative is the best up and coming Digital Marketing group in Barrie.

Our main specialties are Web Design and Growth Marketing. The Siva team is a tight-knit group of young and experienced specialists who can revolutionize your business or get you started if you’re like any of our entrepreneurial clients.

What separates us from the casual venture is our commitment to being totally custom. We don’t use any templates when creating our clients websites and ensure that they get something truly unique when they work with Siva.

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