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What’s the first word that comes to mind when you think of a startup?

For me, the word evokes images of Silicon Valley and overpriced, albeit lovely, San Fran apartments.

Next, I think of the American comedy series Silicon Valley, HBO’s television hit that spotlights six men who establish a startup company in the southern shores of San Francisco Bay.

Dreamy. But is it worth the price tag?

While the idea of startups in Silicon Valley can conjure up picturesque portrayals of the Golden Gate Bridge and uber-successful ventures, Fortune Magazine advises that nine out of ten startups fail.

That’s a whopping 90% of all newly established businesses!


Siva Creative isn’t immune to the struggles that startups commonly face. The Siva team knows the challenges – and the rewards – of being a budding business.

We’re growing. 

An article published by Entrepreneur Magazine prompted us to consider how startups among the 10% flourish.

What’s the difference between startups that grow, and startups that inevitably dig a hole for themselves?

By closely examining the reasons why one prosperous entrepreneur says he’s hesitant to invest in a startup, we’ve uncovered exactly why a garden variety website can devour a startup quicker than Peter Rabbit.

Who me?

Here’s why a fresh website is like Miracle-Gro for your budding startup…

Proven Success

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, one of the most successful modes of persuasion is called logos. Logos is a rhetorical appeal to logic. It uses numbers, facts, and relevant samples.

A terrific website uses evidentiary logos to prove success and eliminate startup doubt.

As a startup, your track record might be pretty tiny. That’s okay. A well-written client testimony or two can speak volumes about your business.

So, how else can you prove your success in cyberspace?

Build your online portfolio, case by case, from pictures of your organic dog treats to stats about your company growth.

“Are these cookies gluten-free?” 

Online work samples function to not only demonstrate your team’s talent and ability to complete a project, they are a manifestation of your competence.

Don’t just vocalize your blooming greatness – show it off and make your case!

Brand Awareness

We’re largely afraid of the unknown. It makes us anxious, uncomfortable, and sometimes, even afraid.

With good SEO practises, you can literally be on the same (Google search result) page as the big guys.

Align yourself with your competitors!

What’s your web presence like? It’s time to get noticed.

Brand awareness can make a product nearly synonymous with a brand name; how many of us often say ‘Kleenex’ when talking about any brand of facial tissue?

Legitimatize your business online. A website authorizes your project, your people, and your passions.

You can’t be recognized if you’re not seen.

Humanize Your Team

Who are your employees and team members?

You know that they’re qualified professionals who work hard, but website visitors and potential investors don’t necessarily want to see formal resumes or LinkedIn profiles.

They want to see employees as the people that they are – glimpses of personalities outside of the 9 to 5.

Are your team member’s creative rebels who go against the grain? Traditionalists who love and use methods that stand the test of time?

It’s one of the reasons why we created Humans of Siva Creative, a bi-weekly blog series that profiles our team members.

The corporate world can feel impersonal. Remind your clientele and potential customers that your team is made up of real people.

Personalization fosters empathy and trust. It helps company culture bloom.

Now that’s a beautiful thing. 

In Conclusion 

Do you want to cultivate success? A great website can plant the seeds of a flourishing startup.

Let Siva Creative do the dirty work. Contact us for a FREE website quote!

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