What is the AIDA Model?

the AIDA model

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Aida. It’s a musical based on an opera. But that’s not the type of Aida I’m referring to. I’m talking about the fun kind that involves marketing and business. This model works specifically for advertising purposes. But what does it actually mean and what does it do? That’s a great question, you’re asking phenomenal questions these days. Let me give you a quick rundown on what exactly the AIDA model is and why it’s useful. Let’s get started!

The AIDA Model

4 stages of purchasing

AIDA stands for attention, interest, desire, and action. It takes the process of someone purchasing a product or service and divides it into hierarchical phases. Each phase goes in order from when the consumer discovers the product to when they decide to purchase. So what happens in each stage?



During the Attention phase, you do just that–you draw attention. Find a creative way to get people to discover your product or service. Some people might have already been aware of your product, but you’ll want to do whatever you can with advertising to really capture people’s attention. Make it something worth talking about. Consider where you want your ads located to draw the most attention. At this point, consumers will start to get curious about your product.


Let me give you an example. Let’s say you’re a new business and you’re selling shampoo. Nobody knows about your brand yet. So figure out your target audience and find the best advertising methods that would work best to attract them. Once you do that, develop advertisements that make them know that there’s a new alternative shampoo besides the generics.


social media for the AIDA model

Once you’ve hit the Interest stage of the AIDA model, the audience will have already discovered who you are and will be looking for more information. This is your chance to make yourself stand out from competition and find that one thing that makes your product different. You need to take this opportunity to discover what it is that your product offers that will make consumers want to purchase your product over others. The ads you develop should be engaging and persuasive.

Back to our example. So now, people are aware of your shampoo and maybe they even decide to check out your social media account. Here is where you spark interest. The posts and ads you create on social media is what will help you stand out from competition. This gives your brand the opportunity to express its personality to become memorable to the audience. 


Desire to purchase

Okay, so you’ve sparked some interest. Now, what are you going to do to get your consumer to desire your product? In this stage, you have to get your customer from simply liking the product, to actively wanting to purchase it. Here, you’ll want to go into more detail about the benefits. Give enough information and facts that will persuade them. The more information available, the more credible and tempting it becomes. 

So for your shampoo product, you need to find a way to make the audience decide that this is the product for them. If your audience is on your social media account, have some posts or a link in your bio that leads to your website. There, you can provide as much information that shows off your product’s benefits and qualities that will encourage sales.



During the Action stage, the consumer will have reached the point where they really want to invest in your product. They might be a little hesitant, so you’ll want to make that step easier for them. Encourage them to take action. Whatever form of advertising you choose to take, it should have some form of call to action. This call to action should make the purchase seem convenient or something they should invest in right away.

Back to the shampoo. While the consumer is on your site, you might have a page dedicated to your products where people can purchase right off the site. You can include free shipping as a limited time offer so the consumer will think, “Okay, I should buy it now because if I wait, maybe the free shipping won’t be available.” And there you have it. Your first sale!

Hopefully you’ve got some useful information from this blog about the AIDA model. If you need any help with generating sales and leads through advertising, reach out to us at Siva and we’ll make the time for your business!

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