What Is the Difference Between Push and Pull Marketing?

push and pull marketing

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There are a couple different ways to approach a marketing strategy. You can either choose a more direct approach, or choose a more natural approach. The option you choose depends on where your business is in the market and what your goals are. These options are referred to as push and pull marketing. So what exactly does that mean and which should you use? Well, keep reading and find out!

What is Push Marketing?

push marketing

Push marketing is the approach that involves actively trying to draw people into your product or service. You push the product onto the audience. Push marketing can be done by using general forms of advertising to bring awareness to what you’re offering.

Here are some examples of push marketing tactics:

  • Billboard ads
  • Transit ads
  • Commercials 
  • Direct marketing

What is Pull Marketing?

pull marketing

Pull marketing is the more passive approach for marketing. It allows your business to attract customers more organically. These are tactics you can use to capture attention when people have already started shopping around. Besides just alerting the consumers about your product, you give more information that they would be looking for and that is what hooks them.

Here are some examples of pull marketing tactics:

  • Social media marketing (we’ve all heard of “influencers”)
  • Blogs (like this one!)
  • Email marketing (who hasn’t received a newsletter, right?)
  • Website SEO (tried and true marketing)

Which Approach to Use

Push and pull marketing each has its own pros and cons. Push marketing is the option with quicker results while pull marketing has a slower result but strengthens customer relationships. So which option should you use? Push marketing is a great approach if you need people to discover your product. If you’re a new business, chances are, hardly anyone knows it exists. You’ll want to push your brand into the public and draw people in that way. 

Pull marketing, on the other hand, is best if you have a product or service that is already very popular in society. When people either know you exist or know they need a product, with your pull marketing tactics, you’ll draw them in naturally. Let’s say someone is looking for a new phone. They’ll search online for good phone options and when you use SEO, they’ll come across a blog or your website. Then they’ll gather all the information they need and make a decision.

It could be a hard decision to make, deciding which option you want. But you always have the option to use both. Didn’t see that coming, did you? You can do both direct advertising to promote your product and then lead the user to search you online. Once they search, your SEO strategy will rank your business higher and will allow the consumer to easily view what it is you’re using to draw them in. 

Ready to Get Advertising?

Looking at all the fine details to create your marketing strategy can be what takes your brand to the next level. Deciding what type of approach you take such as push and pull marketing is what will help make the strategy clear for all involved. If you need help with any of your marketing needs, contact us at Siva and we’ll do what needs to be done to bring your business to the next level.

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