What’s the Siva Team Watching on Netflix Now?

What's the team watching on Netflix now

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Now, I know what you’re probably thinking–what the hell does Netflix have to do with business and marketing? It doesn’t, if I’m being honest. But here at Siva, we love getting to know our clients and our readers, so why not let you all get to know us? During this whole pandemic, one thing we’re all able to rely on is some good old fashioned television. So let’s take a look at what each member of our team is watching on Netflix now. There are some good ones out there! Maybe it’ll even help you find your new favourite show.

What’s Elisa Watching?

“I just binged all three Fear Street films and they are 101% binge-worthy!! It’s the perfect amount of gore and suspense that horror needs, matched with the diversity of 2021 and all the parts of a teen drama that you love. The story is great and you truly never know what’s next. I mean it’s based off of R.L Stine’s books, so it has to be good.”

scary movie on Netflix now

What’s Nichelle Watching?

“I’ve been binge-watching Superstore. It’s hilarious and it reminds me of the crazy situations I was in while I was working in retail. That and the cast knows how to make me cringe when they get into awkward situations. Sadly, I have to find a way to watch Season 6 – but I’ll find it to finish the series!”

What’s Victoria Watching?

“I’m watching station 19! It’s a run-off of Grey’s anatomy. So it has the same characters that cross over with new characters of course. all-round fkn fantastic”

Not going to lie, the first thing I thought when she said it has the same characters is, “What characters from the original show are even left?”

What’s Emma Watching?

Swedish Dicks. Two Swedish immigrants without licenses try to make a living as private investigators in LA all the while competing against their very successful arch-enemy named Jane McKinney. It has dry, slapstick, satirical humour that’s perfect for anyone who enjoys a show that pushes the boundaries of TV comedy, while also being easy to watch.”

Comedy television

What’s Andrew Watching?

“I’m loving the new murder documentary The Sons of Sam, just because I like that sort of show and it’s well-produced!”

What’s Caprice Watching?

“The show I’m watching is too hot to handle LOL because I enjoy trash tv (I know ew). I find it funny but also super annoying, and I like the suspense and to see who will win the money/stay together.”

Who doesn’t love a good trash TV? If you say you don’t, you’re a liar.

Trash tv on Netflix now

What’s Nick Watching?

Now for a detailed and thorough response from our project manager, Nick:

“Schitts Creek – it’s funny. moria is funny”

What’s Reyhaneh Watching?

“So currently I’m rewatching some older episodes of Rupaul’s Drag Race and I recently finished watching the latest season of Atypical.

I like Atypical because it has such a good story and the main character reminds me of a student I used to have who I really liked.

Ru Paul’s Drag Race, who doesn’t like that show lol It’s just fun and makes me happy.”

What’s Mylan Watching?

Now for my personal favourite response, 

“LOVE ISLAND. Wait, was this supposed to be professional??”

What’s Ashok Watching?

“I am watching Atypical. The reason why I am watching is It’s related to autism, people and their behaviour.”

Looks like we’ve got another Atypical fan. Maybe I should check it out too. 🤔

What’s Stephen Watching?

Let’s see what this designer is watching on Netflix now.

“I’m currently rewatching Bojack Horseman because Will Arnett is a treasure, the show hits right in the feels and watching the show just once wasn’t enough.”

What’s Noor Watching?

And now for the response by Siva’s gorgeously talented copywriter (who’s definitely not the writer of this blog). 

“There’s nothing new that I’m watching on Netflix now. But I’m rewatching The Haunting of Bly Manor. I loved this show. From the plot, to the acting, to the cinematography. I wanted to rewatch it and see if there was anything I missed the first time since I heard that they have little ghosts and stuff hidden in the background. Definitely recommend this one if you love a good ghost story.”

Ghost story

What’s Monika Watching?

“Just a few weeks ago I discovered A.P. Bio on Netflix. It is a hilarious show about a former Harvard prof who finds himself teaching Biology in Toledo, Ohio. He uses the kids to get back at people who have wronged him, rather than teach them Biology. I could go on and on about this show, but Netflix isn’t going to pay me for that 🙂 A.P. Bio puts me in a good mood no matter what and when we’re all home, we usually watch a couple of episodes at a sitting, and have a good laugh.”

What’s Basil Watching?

“Currently I’m watching Attack of the Titans, Baki, and the series Manifest.”

I guess we’ll never know what he likes about it. We love a little mystery.

What’s Rayne Watching?

“I actually just (as in April LOL – I’m more of a Hayu chick) finished the series “The One”. 

What drew me into this series was the science fiction and SaaS product combination. The series follows the story of Rebecca Webb, the founder and CEO of The One. Through word of mouth and advertising, The One becomes the most popular app in the world. I definitely recommend this show if you are interested in science fiction!”

What’s Asim Watching?

“Show Name: The Witcher


Sometimes you feel like going into the fantasy land and try to visualise what could be beyond the world you are living in. And this show has it all, the magic and fantasy with strong story, the style and fight scenes but not a particularly violent show generally.”

The Witcher was in fact a great show. I can back that up. And I definitely was not just staring at Henry Cavill like he was a delicious piece of warm apple pie.

warm apple pie

What’s Rajan Watching?

“Right now, I am watching the 100 Series on Netflix. It is an action-packed series in which the stories told are deeply rooted in science fiction. I am watching this series because each episode is unpredictable; the excellent flow of the story and the Visual Effects used are so natural.”


And there you have it. Now you know what everyone at Siva is watching on Netflix now! We’ve clearly got some range in this office. We’ve got horror, we’ve got science fiction, and even a bit of trash television. What more do you want? Hopefully this inspires you to try out a new show. Let us know on Instagram what you’ve been watching on Netflix!

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