Spotlight Blog: All in All Insurance Brokers

July Spotlight Blog: All in All Insurance  Showing appreciation toward valued customers is an extremely powerful tool. By receiving acknowledgement, we begin to feel purpose,

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Siva Creative’s Portfolio of Positivity

Between social distancing, self-isolation, and precautionary closures, it may be difficult to stay positive during this time. Individual life has changed, and so have the

Coding for a Cause

What is it? Coding for a Cause (CFAC) is a volunteer work we do here at Siva Creative. We realized that many non-profit and charities

Marketing Trends of 2019

1-  Mobile Friendly Website Today, mobile devices are an integrated part of everyone’s life. According to the Meeker 2018 Internet Trends Report, time spent on

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Why isn’t my website secure?

Did you know that having a secure website will increase your Google Rankings? Google made a formal announcement that HTTPS plays a factor in their

How to get more leads from LinkedIn

How To Get More Leads From LinkedIn

Should I waste my resources and valuable time to target my audience on LinkedIn? YES! Definitely yes and it should be a MUST! You should


The Do’s of Real Estate Marketing

We all understand the struggles of a competitive work environment, but no one feels the pressure more than Real Estate agents. Working as a little fish in a big pond can be difficult, but what can set you apart from the hundreds of Real Estate moguls strolling around your local neighbourhoods? The answer is simple…

Do you know who your consumer is?

Do You Know Your Consumer?

WHO ARE THEY? So when we ask ourselves that question, be sure not to fall into the generic category of associating your consumer with the

Shopify Vs. Woocommerce

Shopify or WooCommerce?

So you have this AWESOME product that you want to sell online and there’s lots of marketing and planning that needs to happen to launch



When you think of the phrase “social networking” what do you think of? Instagram? Face-book? Twitter? While all those answers are obviously very relevant and


8 Web Design Trends for 2018

1. Big and Bold Typography Your font needs to stand out! You want your users to notice your content, notice your head lines and most

Graphic banner with Blog title - 6 Tips from our Web Designer

6 Tips From Our Web Designer

Who better to ask some for tips than our very own designer! Jess McLaughlin can take anything ugly and make it beautiful. Whether it’s a


How to Increase Your LinkedIn Success

Why do I need LinkedIn? Great question. LinkedIn is a valuable tool for business owners and employees alike, whether you are looking to network or


Bill 148

It is shocking and it can be scary – the amount of change that will follow the release of Bill 148 in Ontario. Starting January 2018. min. wage jumps up to $14/hour and will be at $15/hour by January 2019.


Instagram Best Practices for Real Estate

Have you ever considered creating an Instagram profile for your Real-Estate Agency? Should your digital marketing strategy include this important social network? We want to


7 Online Tips For Fitness Professionals

You are passionate about motivating others to live and pursue a healthy active lifestyle and you know almost everything there is to know about health


5 Ways to Generate Sales from Your Realtor Website

No matter what business you are in, or whether you are a new or experienced real estate agent, one of the first things you need to consider is…..Who are you marketing to??? It may sound obvious to some, but so often it is forgotten. If you can nail exactly who your target audience is, you can receive more value from any money you spend on marketing in any form, newspapers, magazines, online ads, etc…