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Cooking, fashion, and how to make marijuana cookies: if you can imagine a topic for a blog, it probably exists. Still, a Google search for the phrase “blogging is” reveals that people have some serious doubts about the online practice. Google Suggest, Google’s auto-complete service, hints that blogging may be overrated – or worse, dead.


So, is blogging as defunct as Google might suggest? The answer for smart, tech-savvy companies is an overwhelming no. To find out why blogs build better businesses, keep reading


1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Try not to let this tech acronym scare you. Professional content creators (like the ones at Siva Creative!) know how to write content that will get your business noticed. By incorporating commonly used keywords – industry-specific and trending words – into creatively written blog posts, your Google ranking increases. Utilizing relevant hyperlinks (linking outside articles and webpages), and tags (think of a hashtag on Instagram), in the body of your content also generates a better overall Google ranking.

What does that mean for your business? It means that your services will get the attention that they deserve. Don’t let your business be hidden in the shadows of the second (or third, or fourth…) Google page results.

Google also values updated content, so a regularly updated blog prevents your website from becoming stagnant – something the Google search results page hates.

The more value Google sees in your website, the more valuable your website becomes to you.


2. Call-to-Action


A blog can be a fantastic catalyst for potential customers. Whether you want your clientele to click, call or subscribe, a blog is a practical way to make people move. It may seem antithetical to suggest that sitting and reading could create action, but in 2017, it really does.

A call-to-action can be used to promote giveaways, announce deals and special promotions, or simply promote your services. Engaging blog content means action – and more clients – for your business.


3. Knowledge is Power


You know the saying. With the creation of a blog tailored to your business, knowledge really is power. No matter what services your business offers, it’s a good idea to cement yourself as a market leader with a blog. A blog gives you the chance to show off exactly what you know, and maybe even answer popular questions from your clientele.

People want knowledgeable companies that they can trust. You’re a professional. What better way to show that to your customers than by providing them with a little bit of your insider insight?
An informative, consistently updated blog gives your website viewers a reason to click – and a reason to keep coming back for more! Want to increase website traffic, foster brand awareness, and even make an emotional connection with your customers? Let the talented content writers at Siva Creative create your next buzz-worthy blog post.

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