Imposter Syndrome: How To Beat It…For Good!

Imposter Syndrome

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At one point or another, many people have got the feeling that they “got lucky”. That they don’t belong in the position they’re in, and that it’s only a matter of time until someone finds out they aren’t right for the position they hold. That’s imposter syndrome, and we’re here to tell you that you can kick those ideas straight to the curb.

What Is Imposter Syndrome?

As stated above, it’s the feeling that you’re somehow inadequate. You have achieved some sort of success or position, but don’t feel like you’re qualified. Instead of being happy and feeling accomplished, someone who feels imposter syndrome immediately lets their mind wander to negative thoughts about being not good enough.

If you’re not sure if what you’re feeling is imposter syndrome, answer a few of these questions:

  • Do you feel like you got lucky, even though you worked hard to achieve what you did?
  • Are you a perfectionist?
  • Is failure seen as a complete negative?
  • Do you lack confidence, even if those around you say you’re competent?
  • Do you turn down opportunities due to fear of failing?
  • Do you find it hard to accept praise from others?
  • Do you apologize for things that aren’t your fault?

All of these things can point someone in the wrong direction. It can move someone to self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy, two things that are incredibly detrimental to ambition and future success.

Fighting Imposter Syndrome

First, you’re not an imposter. People look to you for answers because you have clearly proven that you know what you’re doing. Unfortunately, someone telling you this likely won’t solve your imposter syndrome. Fortunately, we have some simple mindset tweaks you should be making to stop these thoughts from poisoning your mind!

Stop Trying To Be Perfect

Perfecting can be a goal you reach for, as long as you know it’s not actually achievable. Do you think the best athletes in the world lace up their shoes and nail every part of their game with zero mistakes every single night? That’s certainly what they try to do, but to think it will actually happen is a fallacy.

Take a step back for a moment and take a hard look at your work ethic. Are you setting too high a bar for yourself? We’re not telling you to shoot for the middle, but if you’re struggling with imposter syndrome it can be helpful to re-evaluate your standards.

It’s Not Just You

It can be easy to look at other people and think “wow, they really have it all figured out.” Well, can we let you in on a little secret? They don’t. Everyone you see who is seemingly on top of the world, is figuring things out as they go. That’s how life works.

You would be surprised how many people who look cool, calm, and collected on the outside, are having an internal battle on the inside. Few people do not, or have not, struggled with some form of imposter syndrome in their lives.


When things do right, don’t just rush past those moments. Take the time to really celebrate them. Our inner monologue often reflects the real world, so spend some time actually convincing yourself that you earned what you did, it didn’t just fall into your lap.

This goes for praise as well. When someone congratulates you, sends you positive feedback, or even just gives you a small compliment, don’t go to a negative place. Take those things and use them to reinforce your self-worth.

Don’t Hide Failures

A failure is not a reset back to zero, it’s a setback to be sure, but one you can learn from and take an even stronger step forward next time.

Things will not always go your way, and sharing those moments with others can mean they’ll share right back. Learning that other people in your circle are struggling with certain things can help you realize that everyone isn’t just surfing along on a wave of endless success.

Want to learn more about fighting imposter syndrome? You won’t want to miss the latest episode of the Thinc. Underground Podcast!

This week’s episode welcomes entrepreneur, author, and speaker, Fong Chua.  Arif Khan speaks with Fong about finding your unique voice, tackling imposter syndrome, intentional congruence, and much more! “When you train yourself to grow every single day, you start tuning into a frequency that’s always been out there, you just weren’t dialed into the same channel. ”

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