6 Tips For Creating the Most Purposeful Facebook Ad Targeting Strategy

Facebook ad targeting

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With so many tools at your disposal, You don’t need to waste ad dollars on anything other than your target audience. Facebook knows what users had for breakfast two-weeks ago, don’t squander that information. Use Facebook ad targeting!

Honing in on what content to use and who to use it on, means you spend less per ad. Consequently, this allows you to use that money elsewhere in your marketing or stretch your ad budget even further. It can be the difference between 1000 people seeing your product, and 2000 people from your target audience seeing your product.

1. Find Your Unicorn

Sorry to break it to you, but only a small percentage of your content is going to perform well. That’s just the way it is. However, the good news is that you can use that content to directly drive the performance of your ads.

Unicorn content isn’t something you’re going to be able to choose, so it’s important to stay reactive. A trend can help drive views on a particular piece of content. Keep an eye on your analytics. When something takes off, Frankenstein that into a targeted ad.

2. Purchasing Behaviours Are Your Best Friend

When Sir Isaac Newton created his third law, who knew it would also apply to purchasing behaviours.

E-commerce sales are a trillion dollar industry. Even when the final purchase is made in a brick and mortar store, 63 percent of them start online. All that juicy shopping data is available for you to capitalize on. The two main ways to use this are:

  • Targeting frequent buyers: Someone who buys a book, is likely to buy another.
  • A leads to B: Someone who buys a book, will likely need a bookmark.

This helps get your product in front of the people who will buy it. As an added bonus, people can’t escape ads, they might as well see ones for stuff they care about.

3. Follow-Up With Custom Audiences

Once is never enough.

Facebook Ad Targeting through the Custom Audience tool allows you to re-engage people who have already shown some sort of interest in your product. They might have visited your website, click through a previous ad, or might already be part of your mailing list.

You can also use this feature to exclude people. After all, we’ve all been served ads for cheap flights after we just booked a trip to Florida. What a waste.

4. Target Specific Devices

Shopping behaviours vary between devices. You might think this tool is only useful for something like apps built for Androids. However, its usefulness is actually more encompassing than that.

If your ads are data driven (of course they are, right?), use this information to narrow your audience by device. 

If an ad is directing people to your online store, you may want to target mobile users. They are the number one device people use to visit retail websites.

5. When It’s Raining, Sell Umbrellas

If someone is celebrating a major life event or milestone, what do they do? Post it on Facebook.

Life Events Targeting allows you to choose seemingly every life event imaginable. Not only at the time of the event either, but for anniversaries as well. Moving company? Target recent home purchasers. Photographer? Target couples who just got engaged. You’d be surprised how useful this tool can be.

As if to cement the words above, Facebook even offers weather based targeting now too.

6. Onion Ads

Facebook Ad Targeting allows for extensive layering of interests, behaviours, income, and more. Hypetargeting your ad to a fraction of the audience it would normally reach.

This might sound counterintuitive, but it can be very useful when you have a special promotion. For instance, if you’re offering discounted golf clubs to service members, just targeting golfers isn’t narrow enough.

With all the money you’re saving not uselessly serving up ads and being more purposeful with your Facebook ad targeting, you can focus even more into other marketing tools

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