Marketing Niche: Why Just Having the Best Product Isn’t Good Enough

Marketing Niche

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You’ve created something unique, something no one has thought of before. You saw a gap and created the perfect marketing niche. So, why isn’t it selling?

When it comes to business, even the most innovative ideas in the world will go absolutely nowhere without getting it in front of the right people.

The Greatest Idea Since…

We all know the saying, but the story behind the phrase shines a glaring light on the problem of just having a fantastic idea.

In 1928, Otto Frederick Rohwedder created the invention on which all other ideas would be compared: sliced bread. Such an earth-shattering, ground-breaking invention surely took the world by storm in no time at all, right?

Well, no.

Without the strategy to back up his idea, It wasn’t until Wonder Bread swooped in and began marketing sliced bread on a global scale in 1930 that the idea really took off.

Who Cares?

Another reason to create a marketing strategy right away is to find out if your idea will even take hold in the first place.

You might create something truly unique that helps solve a troublesome problem, but how many people are actually struggling with that problem? Is there actually a market for the product you plan to spend countless hours and dollars creating?

Unless you’re doing it out of the kindness of your heart, you better make sure enough people will pay for your efforts.

Understand Your Audience

So, you’ve found out there is, in fact, a market for your product. How do you get it in front of that audience?

Knowing they exist is a far step from actually speaking to that audience. Knowing what tools in your marketing tool belt to use is key to generating leads and converting those leads to sales.

You could have an awesome idea paired with an inspired marketing tactic, but if that brilliant plan is served up to the wrong people, it was all a waste of time.

Who Else?

Good ideas are a dime a dozen. There are plenty of other businesses out there, all of which are catering to a particular audience, and some might have the support of a marketing agency.

Is your idea different enough from the competition? How many other players are you going up against? If you’re entering a field with high competition, is it reasonable to think you can steal enough business to be viable?

Got The Time?

Creating an effective marketing strategy is a lot of work. Like, a metric shit-ton. On top of that, no one is an expert in every aspect of marketing. You might spend a whole lot of time and effort creating a plan for your marketing niche that falls short.

You may also create a plan that works initially, but the thing about marketing is that it’s always changing. What works now might not work tomorrow. Do you have the time and expertise to constantly monitor your strategy and make adjustments?

Siva does. Back your brilliant idea with a strategically driven team of experts.

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