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Between social distancing, self-isolation, and precautionary closures, it may be difficult to stay positive during this time. Individual life has changed, and so have the lives of business owners in the community. In this time of major change, though, it is important to stay positive and motivated, sparking positivity in others. Though times have changed, we can all adapt and emerge from this time stronger and together.

To help motivate others, Siva has created the Portfolio of Positivity. Though the landscape of business has changed, many of our clients remain optimistic and motivated. They are adapting to the new challenges they face, and are spreading positivity while they do it. Between these tips and encouraging words, we hope that these business owners help keep everyone feeling positive.

Fempire Builders - Samantha

“Continue to plant seeds with your clients and prospects and nurture the heck out of them. This is going to be very important when you are able to go back to your in-person offerings because these seeds will be harvested as sales at that time. Get creative about how you can meaningfully show up and support your clients and prospects. Nurture them. Be there for them in ways that are significant and helpful to them.”

Samantha King, CEO of Fempire Builders, is reminding her clients how important it is to be available for your clients. While we are all in a strange time, your business continues and your clients are still there. Your time at home can still be invested with your clients. By being available and keeping them happy, they will be eager to see you when you open back up.

“Start thinking about how to pivot your business into the online world. What products, services, or downloadables can you offer? How will you automate all of it? The idea here is to get a fully functioning, successful online arm of your business so that, when you can go back to your in-person offerings, the online portion of your business continues to run along with minimal work from you.”

Samantha also emphasizes how you can invest this time by digitizing your business. After investing time with your clients, spend some time upgrading your business. An online and automated business will thrive in this time, and continue to benefit you in the future.

If you’re interested in learning how to plant the seeds of success in your clients, check out Fempire Builders! Check out their Course Makers Membership to start making money from your experience and knowledge in the business world.

Hybrid Landscaping - Kyle

“It’s critical to keep our team and clients safe during these uncertain times. What we do to keep our team safe: 

  1. Continue Physical Distancing: We each have our own trucks and travel alone to locations while remaining a safe distance while working at the location. 
  2. Practice Good Hygiene: We have fresh gloves go on as soon as we exit the truck and removed gloves are safely thrown out in a closed garbage bin kept in the back of our trucks. We sanitize our equipment before and after each location and sanitize all handles and contaminated equipment. 
  3. Masks are provided when needed to our workers. 
  4. No contact with clients: all of our communication is done remotely.”

As an essential employee, Kyle at Hybrid Landscaping reminds us how much extra work is done to keep us safe. Hybrid, just like all other essential services, has introduced strict procedures to reduce all kinds of contact. Workers now do all their work remotely so no client contact is necessary for their services. Personal protective equipment is also replaced and properly disposed of at every destination.

Hybrid, is also focusing on more than just keeping their clients safe. Kyle details the strict policies Hybrid has set to ensure that workers themselves are safe. Social distancing is done within the company, reminding us that the essential employees we know are safe as well.

If you want to learn more about the variety of services Hybrid Landscaping offers, check out the Hybrid website! They offer everything from lawn care to patio construction to keep your property looking its best!

Fit Cricket Nutrition - Ange

“Going out for a walk, or even just opening a window while you’re inside, can really help your mental health. Fresh air helps wake you up, keeps you focused, and fights stress. Try opening the window while you get ready in the morning.” 

Part of staying healthy around home, and maintaining positivity, is getting fresh air. Fresh air is something we all got while we went to work, even if it was just for a few minutes. Now that many of us are home for the time being, we no longer get that fresh air. Ange, CEO of Fit Cricket Nutrition, is emphasizing the importance of getting that fresh air. Even a bit of fresh air during breakfast can keep your positivity high.

“Mental and physical health are super important, now more than ever. Even if you’re still getting out for a daily walk or exercising around home, eating right is key. Vitamin B and Iron help maintain mental health, while protein and fiber keep us in shape physically.”

Ange also mentions how important your health is for maintaining positivity at this time. Social distancing and self-isolation are important, but they aren’t the only things we need to do to stay healthy. A healthy diet and exercise routine are even more important now, for both our mental and physical health. 

Check out Fit Cricket Nutrition for some delicious, highly nutritious snacks made here in Canada! Free shipping available for orders over $30!

Siva Creative - Mallory and Arif

“Business may have changed, but it hasn’t stopped. Though a business may have had to temporarily close their doors, they still have an online presence. Through social media or online advertising, a company can continue to be on the minds of their clients. Then, when they open back up, their clients are already there.”

Our very own Mallory Steele is reminding our clients how beneficial maintaining your online presence can be. Though your business may have temporarily closed, you still have an online presence. Focusing on your social media platforms can increase your audience, creating more clients when you open back up.

“An e-commerce website, or even just online gift certificates, can keep your business running without a physical location. Your doors may be closed, but there are still ways to create income with your business.”

Arif reminds business owners how your they can make money, even without a physical location. By switching to an e-commerce platform, business owners can offer their products or services while following social distancing. Gift certificates are a great way to create income, and ensure you will have customers when you reopen. 

If you’re interested in creating your own e-commerce platform, or in advertising your existing platform, check out Siva Creative’s website!

Lice Squad - Dawn

“Keeping your living spaces clean is as important as ever, but it’s a little different with everyone around. Try to find all the high-touch places in your home, and keep a mild cleaner on hand. It just takes a few minutes to go over these spots, and it will keep you and your family healthy.”

Lice Squad founder Dawn Mucci is letting her clients in on a few easy tips to keep a clean house. With everyone around the house, it can be difficult to keep everything clean. Dawn highlights how focusing on the high traffic areas can make keeping your house clean much easier.

“Keeping an organized and clean house can also help with stress and anxiety. Cleaning, dusting, or tidying up is a great way to make self-isolating and social distancing a little easier on us.”

Dawn also mentions how constructive cleaning can be. Though it is seen as a chore, cleaning around your house is a great way of helping your mental health. Something as simple as dusting or tidying up can reduce anxiety and stress you might be feeling.

You can check out Lice Squad, and their incredible chemical-free cleaner, Kleen Green, on their official website! Visit today to find out how to get 20% your Kleen Green order.

Want to hear a little more from each of our clients? Check out the Portfolio of Positivity video, featuring all of the business owners mentioned above! Business owner or not, let’s all keep this positivity going!

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