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August Appreciation: Female Entrepreneur, Samantha King, & Fempire Builders

Siva Creative Incorporate is proud to say we love the clients we work with! Our team is happy to collaborate with hard-working individuals to create valuable growth strategies and measurable results. Although our Siva Creative team is here to help your business and digital presence, having a passionate client to work with makes it that much easier. 

This month, we would love to feature a female entrepreneur, Samantha King. Samantha is the founder of Fempire Builders, a business focused around connecting female business owners to learn and educate from one another. She is an inspiring client to work with as she is always involved in our process and excited to see what our next big idea is. Samantha loves to learn about what we are doing for her, how it will help her business and how she can best compliment our efforts

Who Is Female Entrepreneur, Samantha King?

As a former teacher, mother, blogger, mentor, speaker and business owner, Samantha King understands the struggles of balancing a variety of responsibilities and figuring out a way to “do it all”. After leaving the corporate life, and deciding to become a female entrepreneur, Samantha was excited about her new plans to inspire other women. Although this new lifestyle has brought along a lot of positive results, it has shown many challenges as well.  

Upon becoming a business owner and helping other female entrepreneurs, Samantha noticed feelings of loneliness and self-doubt were common throughout. This inspired her to create Fempire Builders, a space filled with inspiration, motivation and support. Women need a tribe of other women to help oppose those feelings and become the best version of themselves. This is why Fempire Builders is so crucial to female entrepreneurs and their success stories.

What is Fempire Builders?

Founded in 2016, Fempire Builders became a community of female entrepreneurs. By becoming a member of the Fempire Builders Squad, female business owners can reach their full potential with: 

  • Training and Education Tools,
  • Workshops and Courses,
  • Mentorship & Support, and 
  • Community Insights. 

Newly aspiring business owners may currently be struggling with the thought of growing their personal business, while also balancing their current career role. Promoting your business online via courses is an excellent resource that Samantha has helped many female entrepreneurs discover. These aspiring entrepreneurs need to know they are not alone and are capable of anything, and with Samantha’s guidance, they have the support needed! 

Samantha King Accomplishments

As an advocate for building your business online, Samantha King has almost seamlessly adjusted to the digital age. Even during a pandemic, Fempire Builders managed to utilize the online space and speak to more audiences than ever before. Recently, Samantha has focused on speaking to female entrepreneurs through the use of webinars. Webinars are great as they allow business owners to deliver high-quality content to audiences from one’s own home.

This month, Samantha King hosted a highly sought after webinar featuring the boss babe Andrea Henry. Participating in the webinar taught listeners:

  1. The basic legal protections your business needs,
  2. Knowledge on how to protect your business without breaking the bank, and 
  3. Tools on how to properly read a contract so you do not become a victim to the fine print.

Fempire Builders Is Here To Help Connect and Support Female Entrepreneurs

Samantha recognizes the importance of protecting your business and is continually looking to empower female entrepreneurs alike. With a variety of listeners, her live webinar with Andrea Henry did excellently and was an amazing resource for her followers. 

On top of that, Samantha King has decided to continue releasing webinars and offering further online learning to her followers. If you would like to be a part of her next webinar series, keep an eye out for upcoming events!

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Overall, Samantha King is an inspirational female entrepreneur. Her development of Fempire Builders and the accomplishments she has helped other female business owners achieve is amazing. Siva Creative is so proud to represent Fempire Builders as a client and is excited to see where we can go in the future as the possibilities for success are endless! 

In summary, if you are a creative and hardworking female interested in developing a business, reach out to Fempire Builders. Samantha King is an excellent recourse to get your business online with mentorship and support.

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