Can I Target Multiple Locations Through My Website?

Multiple locations for website

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As we’ve mentioned in our blogs several times, websites are crucial for business activities to help attract leads and grow your business. Typically, Google will set your website to your location. But can you set your website to target multiple locations? It’s possible, but maybe a little tricky. 

Having multiple locations is great for reaching a wider audience and is most suitable for businesses that either have no physical location or have multiple physical locations in different cities. Do you want to know how to set your website to target multiple locations while maintaining a high Google ranking? Then keep on reading and let’s get started!

Multiple Landing Pages for Each Location

multiple landing pages

One option that you have for reaching a broader audience is by having a landing page dedicated to each region you’re choosing to target. This can be great for reaching different locations and even showing specific services you offer for those locations if you have any. Based on the location, you can focus on specific keywords to increase your SEO. 

Be careful with having multiple landing pages. If your pages are identical or almost the exact same, you might become a malware risk in the eyes of Google. Try to switch things up and get creative! Maybe have a different theme or different information per landing page. This way, the pages are different enough that they won’t be flagged as a risk. If you don’t have specific services for each location, try designing the site to cater to the location. For example, talk about the history of the location, the events that are coming up, use the name of the location in headings etc. The options are endless!

Make Use of Location-Specific Content

If you offer the same services and don’t want to make separate landing pages, specify each location separately by creating location-specific content. This can include blogs, social media posts, or essentially any type of written content. You can find creative ways to incorporate the location into your content to make it easily discovered by the specific location you’re targeting. It might seem tricky but come on! Be creative!

Use Schema Markup for Locations

Multiple locations web development

It’s possible to use a type of code called Schema markup to specify the locations you wish to target. This allows the search engines to give specific information (including location) about you to give to the users. When the location is set, you can target those in that area. 

There you have it! Just a couple tips for figuring out how to target a broader audience based on location for your website. These can be great solutions if you don’t want to create separate websites per location. But remember, this is just a general guide. There’s a lot that comes with setting your location for your website and can be a little confusing at times. So either do lots of research or hire professionals to do it for you. Here at Siva, we help you with all your digital marketing and website development needs. Hit us up!

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